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Welcome to your Elections Resources Hub. This is the place where you can find all the information, forms and training to help make your elections experience a success. For further information on our elections please contact Jack, our Student Voice Assistant at j.appleby@worc.ac.uk 


 Download Elections GuideDownload Campaign Planning Guide: Campaign to WinDownload Elections RulesGuide to How to Nominate Yourself

 Role Information can be found by clicking here.


Further Resources

 Candidate Budget Sheet: Candidates should fill this form in as they spend money and bring it to Candidates Morning Briefings. A final budget sheet should be submitted 30 minutes after the close of voting to the SU Welcome Desk.

 Complaint Form: If you have a complaint concerning the elections please fill in this form. All complaints must be submitted no later than 15:15 on Friday 11th March 2022. Guidance on complaints can be found in the Elections Rules above.

 Elections Bye Law: This document is the SUs governing document on Elections. It sets out how they work and forms the basis from which we build the Elections Rules.

 Elections Candidates Privacy Notice: This document outlines how Worcester Students’ Union processes elections candidates' data including how long we retain it and your rights regarding the data we collect and process.

 Social Media Takeover Briefing: Guidance for candidates on how to submit content for social media takeovers on official SU channels. 

 Wellbeing Guide for Candidates: A guide to looking after yourself throughout the elections.

 Trustee Eligibility Declaration:  This outlines the legal requirements for eligibility to be a trustee of the Students' Union. Candidates will be asked to sign this in the candidates' briefing.

 Pledge of Fair Play: Every candidate will be asked to sign this to say they agree to abide by the rules.