Your Voice

Run by students, for students – what difference will you make?

Worcester Students' Union is run by students, but what does that really mean? Well, it’s pretty simple; everything we do at the Union is democratic. From big events such as elections, down to individual student campaigns, representing students in every aspect of what we do.

In this section of the website you can find all the information on how we represent you, how you can influence the Union, make a change by getting your voice heard and how we hold the university to account.


Your Officers and Elections

The Students’ Union is a democratic organisation run by students for students. Cross-campus elections are held every academic year so the students can choose their student leaders for the coming academic year. These elected work at all levels of the University to enhance your student experience and represent you, the students. Here at Worcester Students' Union, we currently have 3 full time officers who also form the Union's Executive Committee that oversees the day to day running of the Union's representative decision making structures.

Ideas Forum  & Student Council

The Union is run for students by students. Any student can submit an idea for change through the Ideas Forum. Ideas that get 25 votes or more are considered by the Full Time Officers and if they agree it is a good idea they action it. More complex or controversial ideas are sent to Student Council

Student Council is made up of 24 students from across all the areas that students engage with the Union. It provides the student voice within our decision making processes and provides representative leadership and oversight of the Union.



Our 10 Student Networks are student-led groups who exist to connect underrepresented areas of the student population, build communities, enhance diversity on campus, highlight current issues and empower like-minded students to act collectively to bring about change and make a difference.



Academic Representation

The Students' Union is here to make sure that you can make the most out of your degree and one of the key ways we do this is by working in partnership with the University to deliver the student academic representation system. Each course has its own set of Course Reps who volunteer their time to champion the needs of the students on their respective courses and there are also Institute Reps who represent students at the Institute level.



Throughout the year, we’ll be leading on lots of campaigns to ensure that your university experience is the best it can be. So if you would like to get stuck in and help us campaign, then be sure to reach out to us!