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We're excited to announce that our annual Varsity tournament against the University of Gloucestershire will be held 25th March - 1st April. Get ready to cheer on #TeamWorc as they battle it out against Gloucester in 25 sports. Fixture information (specific dates/times/locations) will be announced on 2nd March when tickets officially go on sale!


ON SALE: 2nd March 2020, 9am
AVAILABLE: The SU Welcome Desk (St John's Campus) 



Check out the official spectator t-shirts for #TeamWorc designed by Akuma, the University's sportswear tender. 
The shirts will be available to purchase in the SU shop from 2nd March. Wear them with pride! 

Price: £12 

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Varsity 2019 was a fantastic competition with great performances from all of our TeamWorc competitors. This year a nailbiting and competitive tournament ended in a 13-13 draw. Check out our Varsity 2019 highlights below.