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Congratulations on your interest in starting a new Students' Union club or society!

There are six steps to forming a University of Worcester Students’ Union Club or Society:

Step 1:            Planning

Step 2:            Membership Interest

Step 3:            Constitution

Step 4:            Committee & Budget Sheet

Step 5:            Submission

Step 6:            Approval

Only Clubs or Societies which have followed these six steps will be permitted to operate as Students’ Union Clubs or Societies. This is to ensure that your potential Club or Society has a proper structure, does not contravene Students’ Union policy and has the required level of financial assistance, both from its members and from the Union. The process can be completed at any time of the year. Please note that only current students of the University of Worcester are permitted to establish Clubs or Societies or hold committee positions within them.

If at any time you need help in forming your Club/Society, then contact:

Hemaka Kariyawasam Pathiranage, Vice President Student Activities -

Hannah Chenneour, Sports Coordinator -
Eleanor York, Student Engagement Coordinator -


Step 1: Planning

Coming up with a name for your potential Club or Society should be easy enough, once you have done that contact the Union in regard to your idea for a new Club or Society so they can help and monitor your progress through the remaining steps. It’s also worth checking with the Union if anyone else has begun to plan a similar group.


Step 2: Membership Interest

The minimum required number of members for a Club or Society is twelve, within six months of formation. Make sure that it is realistic that your Club or Society will be able to recruit twelve members, so start to get people interested as soon as possible.


Step 3: Constitution

We need to get down the aims and objectives of your group. We will do this by working with you to draw up a Club/Society constitution. This document will not only help you to focus the direction of your Club or Society but also serves the basis of the proposal for you Club or Society’s existence.

A draft constitution document is available here


Step 4: Committee and Budget Sheet

The next step is to establish potential committee positions and also the planned membership fee for the Club or Society . Every Club or Society must have students in the following positions; Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. You can establish additional committee positions which are relevant to your Club or Society or activities, but you must have at least these three.

A template for committee member details is available here

You also need to complete a budget sheet in order to outline your plans for the financial year. This includes any income such as sponsership or membership fees and any expenditures such as travel or guest speaker costs.

SPORTS Budget sheet is available here
SPORTS step by step guide for the budget is available here

SOCIETIES Budget sheet is available here
SOCIETIES step by step guide for the budget is available here


Step 5: Submission

The Committee Contact Details, Budget Sheet and the Constitution all outlined above will come together to form the proposal for your Club or Society . This proposal will then be submitted to the next Student Council meeting for approval.


Step 6: Approval

Once your Club or Society is approved you are free to crack on with your planned activities. Please note that Clubs or Societies will not be able to run, or take membership fees etc. until approval of all documents has been received from Student Council.

Upcoming deadlines for approval:

1st draft of documents deadline: Finalised documents deadline: Student Council Dates:
Monday 17th October 2016 Monday 24th October 2016 Tuesday 1st November 2016 
Monday 21st November 2016 Monday 28th November 2016 Tuesday 6th December 2016
Monday 23rd January 2017 Monday 30th January 2017 Tuesday 7th February 2017
Monday 20th February 2017 Monday 27th February 2017 Tuesday 7th March 2017
Monday 10th April 2017 Wednesday 19th April 2017 Monday 24th April 2017

Please note applications over the summer can still be processed and we will organise approval remotely by Student Council.

The Union is here to offer committee training and support to help you make a success of your newly approved Club or Society.



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