Looking for Volunteers?

Promoting your opportunities and projects

If you're in need of help finding volunteers for a position and want help accessing a membership of over 10,000 students, than look no further. By promoting your voluntary opportunities through Worcester Students' Union we can help you find excellent students to support your work

Worcester Students' Union will promote opportunities for free from any voluntary sector organisation - we already work with dozens of providers. We operate as a free service on the basis that we can collect stats about how many students are able to find opportunities and gather feedback about the service we provide. So we will contact you every so often to find out ow recruitment has gone and how we can support you further. 


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To complete you will need:

- Public Liability Insurance no. and document

- Employers Liability Insurance no. and document

- Health and Safety Policy

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Any questions you can email SUVolunteering@worc.ac.uk

How else can we help?

We may also be able to offer you the following (dependant upon availability and resources)

  • If we have space place posters in our SU building (please only send us A4 or A3 portrait posters)
  • Offer you space to have a stall in the SU building to promote your organisation and volunteering opportunities - contact us for more information
  • Invite you to attend our Freshers' Fair in September to promote your volunteering opportunities

Who are our Volunteers?

Our volunteers are students of the University of Worcester; they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and courses and can bring innovation, skills and enthusiasm to an organisation. We have many undergraduates aged between 18 and 23, but we also have many mature students, as well as International students from all over the world

Students might volunteer for a number of reasons:

  • To use their time and skills to benefit local causes
  • To have fun and meet people
  • To improve their CVs
  • To gain work experience
  • To improve key/transferable skills (time management, interpersonal skills, etc)
  • To continue or further a particular interest


Term Dates 

Our students are available at any time of year but the best time for recruitment and when students will mostly be available is during term time. 




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