About Us

Welcome to your Students’ Union (SU). The Students’ Union is an independent charity, devoted to the educational interests and welfare of all students studying at the University. Its members are all students (full-time and part-time) registered for a course of study with the University of Worcester, unless they specifically choose to opt out of membership.


Our Vision

Representing and supporting students to develop and achieve.

Our Values


We will conduct and present ourselves to our students and stakeholders in a professional manner, ensuring we have sound organisational processes and procedures, as well as internal expertise to support the student leadership.


We will lead by example and provide our students with inspiration to reach their full potential and try new things.


We will ensure that our students and stakeholders know how we utilise our funds and make decisions through our democratic structure, and how they can get involved.


We will ensure that the services and events we deliver achieve high levels of student satisfaction and that students are integral to our continuous improvement.


We will be positive about Worcester and what it can offer students, promoting how we can help and support them.


We will have fun and help students have great memories of their time at Worcester.

Our Core, Strategic Goals

  • Increase the number of students who know about and use our services
  • Facilitate wider student involvement in decisions that affect our members
  • Provide responsive, appropriate and accessible support and advice to students
  • Create and promote opportunities for students to develop transferable skills
  • Help students to be safe and to enjoy University life

We have a strategic plan taking us up to 2021,  to ensure that we do our utmost to deliver on our core goals.  We started this plan in 2016 and updated it over summer 2017, to review and agree our ongoing priorities.  You can see a copy of the latest plan here. If you have any comments to wish to make on our new vision, values or goals, please do contact us by phone on 01905 543210 or email us at studentsunion@worc.ac.uk

In March 2018, the Students’ Union’s Board approved some overarching KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the Union.  These were developed by the staff and officer team of the Union and are linked to the Union’s Strategic Plan and Core Goals (2016-21).  The KPIs will be measured by a variety of means and monitored year on year until 2021. Some outcomes will be available for immediate comparison, others from the results of our first Big SU Survey, which we will be launching in May 2018, to become an annual exercise.  Others KPIs will be measured from the 2018/19 academic year, once we have completed our comprehensive governance review, which is well underway.  We hope this monitoring and measurement of our impact and achievements will give us a good idea of where we need to continue developing in the long term, in order to provide the best possible experience for our members. You can view our KPIs here.

2016-17 Impact Report


What is the SU for?

Like other Students' Unions, our objects (what we're here for) are the advancement of education of students at the University for the public benefit by:

  1. Promoting the interests and welfare of students and representing, supporting and advising students
  2. Being the recognised representative channel between students, the University and any other external bodies
  3. Providing social, culture, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of students

Worcester Students' Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS).



Located at the heart of the St John’s campus, the Students’ Union building is the hub of student life. Our modern building is an ideal place to relax and chat; stock up on supplies from our campus shop or socialise over lunch. Our bar and coffee house is a place for all students to meet with friends and enjoy a drink, play pool and watch the action on the big screens.


Our most important job as a Students’ Union is to represent your views, listen to what you’ve got to say and make sure it’s heard by the right people. Our nine executive officers are elected to represent student issues and ensure your student experience is the very best. You too can make a difference by getting involved in one of our many committees, or by becoming a Student Academic Representative (StAR). There’s so much going on at Worcester that you’re bound to find something you’re passionate about.

How we are funded

The activities and services we deliver are funded primarily through a block grant from the University of Worcester and through trading surpluses from commercial services.

In addition we receive financial support from a number of local businesses. The money they give helps us enhance your student experience.


To view Worcester Students' Union constitution, please click here.

Trustees' Reports and Financial Statements

Please click on the links below for the Trustees' Reports and Financial Statements for previous academic years.

Minutes from Trustee Board Meetings.


Worcester Students’ Union (WSU) is committed to the provision of high quality services and acknowledges that, to ensure continued success, instances of dissatisfaction need, where possible, to be reported and addressed. If you have a concern about a particular aspect of the services provided by the Union, we would ask you in the first instance to raise the matter immediately with an appropriate member of staff. WSU acknowledges, however, that there are occasions when matters cannot be dealt with or resolved in this way or when a more formal, documented approach is appropriate. Should this situation arise please download and complete this form and follow the instructions on how to submit this to the Students' Union.

The complaint will be dealt with by the member of WSU’s management team who has direct responsibility for the service or issue about which the complaint is being made.

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