Leadership Elections 2017

We didn't duck out!

This year the Students' Union saw an increase in the number of students engaging with the democratic process. 1159 students voted between 14th-17th March, casting 4144 votes. Check out which Institutes, Sports and Societies had the biggest turnout at the bottom of this page!

The Leadership Elections are your chance to shape the future of student life here at Worcester

Every single Worcester student, no matter their subject, degree level, or campus, can cast their vote for the students that will lead the Students' Union and help to make this student community what it is. Worcester Students' Union brings together Clubs, Societies, Community Volunteers, Part-Time Officers and Student Academic Representatives (StARs), into one vibrant and active organisation.

Meet your Elected Officer team 2017-18



Jade Haley was re-elected for the position of Students’ Union President.  Jade has already been working on some very positive campaigns this year that she plans to continue during her second term. This includes organising the extremely useful January Housing Fair to make house-hunting easier for students, raising awareness of the support available for student mental health, and promoting gender equality. Next year Jade will also be introducing some new aims, such as increasing all students’ involvement in the University and Students’ Union, ensuring that there is suitable social space and facilities at City Campus, improving employability prospects and support, and promoting general student well-being by supporting sexual health campaigns and working alongside University campus GP services. As well as this, Jade has taken feedback from Nursing, Teaching, Paramedic and Midwifery students and is extremely motivated to improve the relationship and communication between these professional courses and the Student’s Union.

Vice President Student Activities

Sophie Glenny won the vote for Vice President of Student Activities. As Captain of the Ladies football performance team and being in her final year of studies at the University of Worcester, Sophie has already had first-hand insight of how student activities run. These experiences at Worcester and her passion for the student experience inspired her to run for this position in order to improve current student activities, as well as introduce some new ideas. Sophie recognises the hidden potential in student sports and societies and therefore aims to improve BUCS, increase opportunities for the promotion of society activites and events through the Students’ Union, and promote leisurely sports participation alongside the more competitive sporting events. On top of this, the new VP Student Activities will strive to bridge the gap in connectivity between the University and Students’ Union, as well as ensuring equal opportunities for sport participation by reducing lectures taking place on Wednesdays.

A word from Sophie.. "I would just like to thank everyone that voted within the elections, it proves with how close the votes were that every vote counts. I'm so excited for the new academic year in the new role and to have an impact on the future of the Students' Union!".

Vice President Education

Euan Morrison won the vote for Vice President Education. Having held the position of SU Sports Representative for BUCS teams on the Student Council, and being a dedicated member of the University Rugby team, Euan has had valuable experience within the Student’s Union and University. During his term as VP Education, Euan wants to continue to lobby issues that the Students’ Union face with the University, increase the efficacy of the Institute Representative and StAR systems, and boost relationship bonding between students by assisting in the organisation of course based events that aim to include everyone. Additionally, another key aim of your new  VP Education is to improve employability prospects and opportunities for graduate, internship, part-time and voluntary jobs for students.

A word from Euan.. "I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted and helped me campaign. It was a long old week for all the candidates so everyone who ran should be congratulated on their fantastic efforts. I am really excited to be working in the SU next year and to help as many students as possible receive a positive university experience". 

NUS Delegate

The NUS Delegate role was awarded to George French. This position will involve representing the best interests of University of Worcester students at the annual NUS conference. George wants to create a wider vision for our University by listening to all groups of students, so no-one feels ignored or neglected by NUS including mature, Institute of Education, and Institute of Health and Society students. In doing so, the NUS Delegate believes this will create a brighter future and more support for students.

A word from George.. "I hope to broaden the representation of this university, allowing those who havent been involved with the students union or the NUS a voice on a national level, by speaking to students and finding out what they feel are the important issues to their student life".


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