Supporting our students to #GetInvolved and make a difference



Raise and Give (RAG) 

RAG stands for ‘Raise and Give’ and is run by a student committee who spend time organising fundraising events and other activities to raise money for nominated charities.

Students can fundraise for any registered charity or the nominated charity voted for. We also coordinate with the Students’ Union to fundraise for national events such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.


Our Nominated RAG Charity for 2022-23

Each year students vote for a nominated charity to fundraise for throughout the year and this charity will be the recipient of all proceeds raised during RAG week. Students can also organise fundraising events for other registered charities.

This year’s RAG Charity as voted for is… 

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter 

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter opens its doors to abandoned, unwanted and mistreated animals in need of urgent care. Their main aims are to give shelter, medical treatment, care, and to re-home cats, dogs and ex-battery hens.

Find out more about WARS here: https://www.wars.org.uk/

How RAG can help you?

Whilst the Students’ Union will focus on its’ fundraising efforts on the nominated charity, we will support all students in their fundraising efforts. The Students’ Union can loan you buckets, promote events on social media, host events in The Hangar or provide space to have a stand. We can provide legal advice on fundraising, help complete street collection permits and bank the money you raise and make sure it gets paid to the right charity. Any money you raise will go towards the RAG total.

How to Get Involved 

Throughout the year, the RAG Committee made up of student volunteers will work together to create fantastic events and come up with creative fundraising activities in order to raise money for such a great cause. If you would like to be a part of RAG or help with any of their upcoming events and fundraising then please contact us via studentsunion@worc.ac.uk

Get in touch

You can get in touch through all our social media pages or email us.

Facebook: Worcester Students’ Union RAG

Instagram: @worcstersurag

Email: hannah.heskin@worc.ac.uk (Hannah Heskin, Student Groups Assistant)

Previous Fundraising

For 2019-20 academic year was £37,585!

With all the outstanding help from the RAG Committee, Sports clubs and Societies, SU Crew, university and SU staff and students, we’ve been able to have a fantastic fundraising year. 

How to donate  

If you would like to donate to our RAG Chairty througout the year there are many ways you can do so. Look out for our RAG tins in the Students' Union, organise your own fundraisisng events or you can donate online below. 

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