Your Voice

Run by students, for students – what difference will you make?

Part Time Officers (volunteers)

  • BAME Officer
  • International Students’ Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Officer
  • Mature Students’ Officer


  • Student Disability Officer
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Women’s Officer


Student Councillors (volunteers)

  • SU Society Rep (academic)
  • SU Society Rep (general interest)
  • SU Sports Rep (BUCs sports)
  • SU Sports Rep (non-BUCs sports)
  • Postgraduate Representative
  • City Campus Representative
  • University Managed Accommodation Representative
  • Foundation Degree/HND Representative
  • Student Council Chair


  • School of Sport and Exercise Science Representative
  • School of Psychology Representative
  • Business School Representative
  • School of the Arts Representative
  • School of Education Representative
  • School of Humanities Representative
  • School of Allied Health and Community Representative
  • School of Science and the Environment Representative
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery Representative

those in italics are elected in club and society committee training

NUS Conference Delegates (volunteers)

  • 2 positions available, one must self-define as female

Must be able to attend NUS National Conference 31st March-2nd April 2020 in Liverpool

What do Part-time Officers do?

Role Descriptions

Part-time officers hold unpaid elected positions, which take a far smaller time commitment than full-time positions. Each position has a specific area of responsibility and it is the responsibility of each officer to promote that area in the activities of the Students' Union. Part-time officers continue with their studies during their time in office. 

What is Student Council?


Student Council Chair Role Description

Student Council is the overarching representative body of the Union and provides any student with the opportunity to try to influence the policy, priorities and activities of the Students’ Union.  It is made up of up to 26 students, including the full-time and part-time elected officers and additional elected Student Councillors representing a range of students from across the University, its campuses, accommodation and Institutes.

Ideas from students are discussed and debated by Student Councillors, who then vote on whether to approve these proposals and ideas. While any student can submit ideas, proposals and motions, it is only the elected members of Student Council who can vote. These decisions give direction to the Executive Committee and shape the activities of the elected officers.  Student Council holds all of the elected officers to account. 

NUS Conference


NUS is the national body for students and Students’ Unions and each year Worcester Students’ Union pay an affiliation fee to be members of NUS (voted for in our Annual General Meetings).  National Conference is NUS’ sovereign decision-making body. It meets once a year for three days. The next Conference will take place in Liverpool from Tuesday 31st March to Thursday 2nd April 2020.  It is a chance for all SUs to be represented and so we are electing NUS Conference delegates, who will vote on behalf of Worcester students. It might seem like a long time until March but we elect them now so they can spend time understanding Worcester Students and ensuring they know what matters to you.