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The Alternative Vote

The voting system used for all elected positions is the Alternative Vote (ATV).

With this system of voting, each candidate ranks the list of candidates in order of preference (Mark a ‘1’ beside the most preferred candidate, a ‘2’ beside the second-most preferred candidate and so on).

The voter may rank any number of candidates they wish. For example if there are five candidates running; they are able to rank one of the five candidates, two of the five, three of the five, four of the five, or all five of the candidates. This means they do not have to rank all candidates unless they choose to.

Here is an example of how an election using the ATV could turn out:


Round 1

Round 2

Candidate 1





Candidate 2




 52% (winner)




 (all second preferences to Candidate 2)


Re-open Nominations (RON)

For each position there will be an option on the ballot form for Re-Open Nominations (RON). This option is for students who feel that no candidate running for that position is suitable to win. Should RON win the election for your position none of the candidates shall be appointed to that position and it will remain vacant until the next elections where you, and anybody else who was running, will not be permitted to re-run for that specific position.

A RON campaign may only be run against a single position, and only one campaign run per position, though there is no other limit to how many RON campaigns can be run – i.e. there could be a RON campaign run for each position available.