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Representing and supporting students to develop and achieve

Recruitment for all vacancies is still going ahead. Please note that interviews may be postponed or delayed over the coming weeks. We will keep applicants informed at all stages of the recruitment process.

Current Vacancies

  • Student Graphic Design Assistant

    Details:To support the Marketing and Communications Coordinator to produce engaging and relevant promotional material for the S.U. to encourage participation of our members in our services.

  • Student Networks and Volunteering Assistant (Full time, permanent)

    Details:Are you passionate about developing others and about promoting inclusion and equality of opportunity? Are you a professional and engaging person? Is it in your nature to be positive and to go the extra mile? If yes, then you are already living our values.

  • Student Trustee

    Details:The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and administration of the Students’ Union and its powers include responsibility for the governance of the charity, the budget and the strategy. The SU is committed to diversity and so very much welcomes applications from students of Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

  • Security Staff

    Details:To ensure a safe and secure environment in the Students' Union for students, staff and visitors.


A note for student applications

When applying for jobs at the University or Students' Union, make sure that you read both the job details and the person specification very carefully. When writing your application, you should pay particular care to the personal statement. As well as giving good reasons about why you want the job, it is also very important to write about each of the skills or attributes listed in the person specification, giving concrete examples where you can. Even when you have previously worked for the University or Students' Union you cannot assume that the selector will know about what you have done, so you must present these clearly with each application.

Read our handy Employability Guide for tips and tricks on how to fill out Application Forms!


Students job hunting for external part time vacancies or after graduation

The University Careers & Employability Service offers help and advice on making applications to both students and recent graduates of the University of Worcester, and can give you feedback on your draft application. Careers appointments are available in Firstpoint, Peirson, and can be booked via www.worc.ac.uk/careers. More information about the service can be found at http://worcester.ac.uk/careers/.

Take a look at our profile on the Careers in Students' Unions site.