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Representing and supporting students to develop and achieve

We have a dedicated team of core staff who support our Officers and help them achieve their aims. The team also manages the day-to-day activities of the Students' Union.

Chief Executive

Sophie supports the Officers during their time in office to help them achieve their manifesto aims. She also leads the core staff team, ensuring the continuous strategic development of WSU.

Sophie Williams (she/her)
Favourite colour: Orange
Favourite TV show: Below Deck
Favourite superhero: Black Panther

Student Engagement 

Our Student Engagement team look to involve all our students across a wide range of activities including Student Voice, democracy, governance, Societies, Volunteering, RAG, and our Help & Advice service.

Tim Hewes-Belton (he/him) - Student Engagement Manager
Favourite film: Coyote Ugly
Favourite holiday destination: Israel
Favourite dinosaur: Brachiosaurus

Kate Gynn (she/her) - Academic and Welfare Advisor
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite holiday destination: Greek islands
Favourite book: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Jack Appleby (he/him) - Student Voice Assistant
Favourite film: Hot Fuzz
Favourite ice cream flavour: Peanut butter
Favourite dinosaur: Stegosaurus 

Helen Black (she/her) - Networks and Volunteering Assistant
Favourite band: Scouting for Girls
Favourite holiday destination: Lanzarote
Favourite chocolate bar: Twix 


Tom Mandall (he/him) - Academic and Welfare Assistant
Favourite colour: Teal
Favourite ice cream flavour: Turkish Delight
Favourite TV show: Bad Girls 




Providing support to our Clubs and their members, Sophie and Dan are the first point of contact for all SU Sport and any students looking to start up new Clubs.

Sophie Smith (she/her) - Sport Development Coordinator
Favourite film: A Cinderella Story
Favourite chocolate bar: Kit Kat Chunky
Favourite book: The Tiger That Came To Tea

Dan (he/him) - Student Sport Administrator
Favourite film: Bend it Like Beckham
Favourite holiday destination: Thailand
Favourite dinosaur: Barney

Bar and Events

Matt and Jenko are responsible for The Hangar bar and the entertainment it provides. They work hard to ensure The Hangar is a vibrant and safe venue for students to socialise in.

Matt Birbeck - Venue and Events Manager
Favourite TV show: The Boys
Favourite chocolate bar: Kit Kat
Favourite superhero: Hulk

Joe 'Jenko' Jenkins - Venue and Events Supervisor
Favourite band: Arctic Monkeys
Favourite ice cream flavour: Rum and Raisin
Favourite book: Anything with pictures in it

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing team support all of our campaigns and events. They manage the SU website, social media platforms, and produce a range of physical and digital media.


Clement Servini (he/him) - Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Favourite TV show: Mad Men
Favourite holiday destination: Seoul
Favourite book: Brideshead Revisited


Casey Rann (she/her) - Marketing & Communications Assistant
Favourite band: Imagine Dragons
Favourite chocolate bar: Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky
Favourite superhero: Green Arrow

Finance & HR

Our Finance & HR team manage and review the finances of the SU. They also provide financial support to our Clubs and Societies, and negotiate our commerical contracts.

Rob Cox - Finance & Commercial Manager
Favourite film: Top Gun
Favourite sport: Basketball
Favourite dinosaur: Sophie Williams

Bev Hemming (she/her) - Finance & Commercial Assistant
Favourite TV show: Death in Paradise
Favourite holiday destination: Rome
Favourite ice cream flavour: Mint Choc Chip


Samina Fiaz (she/her) - HR & Admin Coordinator
Favourite book: Memoirs of a Geisha
Favourite chocolate bar: Lindt
Favourite ice cream flavour: Salted Caramel