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Join a Club or Society and become a part of #TeamWorc

This year we are introducing WorcStar into TeamWorc to help us celebrate the students at Worcester who go above and beyond to enhance the student experience. We want to represent and celebrate those people who deserve it the most.

WorcStars can be anyone, from any club, any society, any Network, or any student cohort. Nominations can be absolutely anything you want it to be. It can be a committee member going the extra mile during activities. It could be a member that gives 100% commitment and effort into everything they do. They can be a player who has had a great game or season. It could be your Course rep or School rep, who insures that your student voice is heard. It could be a volunteer who was extremely helpful.

You can send in your nominations at any time, whether that's on the bus on the way home from a fixture, during a student lead event, or during a committee meeting. Just fill in this short nomination form or email Meg ( for some more details.

Nominations are open towards the end of the month and will be revealed alongside club and society of the month.  WorcStars can come and pick up their prized badge from the SU and will receive recognition via social media for their achievements.