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Whilst there’s no winning formula for marketing your club or society, there are plenty of ways to get your message heard. The following information provides you with a good starting point, and the SU is always happy to help and offer advice. Get in touch with us at and we’ll see what we can do.  

Please also download our full guide for Marketing Your Club or Society, which contains further detailed advice and information around how the SU can practically support your promotion and advertisement.


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Social Media:

Social media is your number one tool when it comes to marketing your club or society. It’s a quick and easy way for you to engage with your existing members, advertise your events, and provide a taste of what to expect for prospective students. 

All clubs and societies should have a presence on social media, ideally across the three main platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). On Facebook, make sure your profile is a public page instead of a group, and ensure your Twitter and Instagram pages are also public in order to obtain maximum reach.

If you would like us to promote something on your behalf, then you are required to fill out a Social Media Request Form Please allow as much notice as possible in order for us to accommodate your request. We cannot always guarantee that your promotion will go ahead exactly as specified in your request if it’s submitted last minute or during a particularly busy period. 


Physical Media:

One of the simplest forms of marketing is a well-designed poster or flyer. You shouldn’t rely on this as your only method of advertising, but it will help spread the word. 

The SU is able to distribute your posters and flyers in the following areas:

 Clubs and Societies boards in the SU corridor

 The poster boards upstairs in The Hangar

 A3 clip frames around the SU including toilets (dependant on availability)

 St John’s Campus reception boards (dependent on availability)

 Charles Hastings reception SU board

 St John’s and City Campus Halls (dependent on availability)

 Flyers - Tables in the SU, The Hangar and on the Welcome Desk

You MUST first gain approval from the SU Marketing & Communications team and leave any physical media you wish displayed at the SU Welcome Desk. Please see the full Marketing your Club or Society guide for more details.


Digital Promotion: 

Did you know that you can get your content uploaded to the digital screens in the SU? With a large footfall of students through the building each week, these are a great way to get noticed. 

Please email your artwork in the below dimensions to in order to get your content uploaded. 

 SubTV (landscape screens) – 1920x1080px saved as PNG

 Redbus (tall portrait screens) - 1080x1920px saved as JPG


Worc Hard Play Hard:

Worc Hard Play Hard (WHPH) is a category of SU News written by and featuring students. The aim of WHPH is to provide students and club/society committees with another avenue of promotion, through the medium of news and written content. This will then be featured within the main news section on the SU website and then promoted by the SU and University across social media. 

What type of content are we looking for?

 Post-game reports or analysis 

 Event reviews and reflections

 Creative pieces (poems, short stories)

 Blogs related to a topic or area relevant to your club or society

 Promotion of an upcoming event, charity fundraiser or campaign

 Featured members – individuals within your club or society that deserve recognition

 Experiences of members – ‘Secrets of a first year member of…’

Be sure to include lots of photos as well. It could be absolutely anything – be as creative as you want! Please see the Marketing Your Club or Society Guide for more information. 



Stalls are a great way to get out and about and speak to other students outside of your usual circles. You can book a stall in the SU, either in the area by the Welcome Desk or in The Hangar, at any time Monday-Friday. To book a stall, email, and let us know when you want it and the reason why. Make sure you email us at least a couple of weeks in advance as we’ll need enough notice to get everything set up for you. 

Designing your promotional materials:

You don’t need to be a graphic designer in order to create eye-catching posters and digital promotion. There are various free and easy to use resources for you to utilise:


 Adobe Spark:




Remember that there are different dimensions for different platforms: If you are working with the SU on running a large-scale event or campaign, there may be the opportunity for the SU to develop your promotional materials. Please email to discuss this further.


Key Links & Forms: 

Social Media Request Form

- Worc Hard Play Hard Submission Form

Merchandise Request Form

#TeamWorc Committee's Facebook Group

- VP Student Activities Social Media - FacebookInstagram.

- Guide to Webpage & Memberships

- Marketing your Sports Club or Society

- Online Platforms Guidance


There are various SU logos that you can use on your promotional artwork, including the SU's primary logo and The Hangar, #TeamWorc and RAG logos.

Click the image below to download the SU logos.