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CommitteeFest 2020

We are pleased to launch the details for this year's Committee Training. Things will look different this year because of COVID19 but we are still providing you with the best training possible to allow you to complete your role successfully this year.

Online Training

For the first time this year, we have launched online modules. The table below shows what modules we are offering. There are mandatory and optional modules for your role; mandatory modules are shown by a green tick in the column for your role. We expect you to complete your mandatory roles BEFORE you come to your in-person training Tuesday 1st-Friday 4th Sept. We encourage you to complete all modules that will be relevant to your role.

Following each module, there will be a confirmation form for you to complete to confirm you have completed the module. 10 TeamWorc Points will be awarded to each club and society who have all 4 of their core committee members (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Inclusivity Rep) complete their mandatory online modules before attending the in-person training. Please ensure you complete this form otherwise we have no other record of whether you have completed it or not and will be unable to award points.

To access the module please click on the module title in the left column. 

(If viewing this page on a phone/tablet turn your phone landscape to see it better!)

Module Title




Inclusivity Rep

Social Secretary

Other Committee Roles

Introduction to Chair






Introduction to Secretary






Introduction to Treasurer






Introduction to Inclusivity Rep






Introduction to Social Secretaries






Introduction to Being an Additional Committee Member






Events and Trips

Marketing Your Club or Society





Guide to the Website




Data Protection




Finance for Non-Treasurers


How to Hold a Committee Meeting






In-Person Training

Core committee members (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusivity Rep) will also be attending in-person training between 1st and 4th September in The Hangar. Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions in the Hangar, we can only invite the core committee members.


Social Secretaries will have a mandatory Zoom call for their training. This will take place on Wednesday 2nd September 1pm-2.30pm. A Zoom invite link will be emailed to you before the day.

To see which slot your club or society has been allocated please see the tables below. These are non-transferable and will enable us to ensure that we deliver the event in a COVID-secure way. To confirm your attendance at your in-person training please see your email with a link to a Survey Monkey form.


Tuesday 1st September
Slot 1 (9am-11:30am) Slot 2 (12pm-2.30pm) Slot 3 (3pm-5:30pm)
Biology British Sign Language African and Caribbean
Cheerleading Disney and Pixar Archaeology
Debate Equestrian Climbing and Mountaineering
History Horror Dungeons and Dragons
LGBTQ+ Film Social Sports
PaddleSports Tabletop Society Table Tennis
Rowing Trampolining Zumba
Student Minds Tennis  


Wednesday 2nd September
Slot 4 (9am-11:30am) Slot 5 (12pm-2.30pm) Slot 6 (3pm-5:30pm)
Anime and Manga Biomedical Science Badminton
Bright Futures Doctor Who Christian Union
Education Enhancement Handball E-Sports
Fencing Jiu Jitsu Gaming
Men’s Rugby Men’s Cricket Islamic
Swimming Ultimate Frisbee Netball
Women’s Rugby Women's Cricket Pole Fitness


Thursday 3rd September
Slot 7 (9am-11:30am) Slot 8 (12pm-2.30pm) Slot 9 (3pm-5:30pm)
Athletics American Football Marvel and DC
Creative Writing Dance Men’s Football
Harry Potter Finnish Society Paramedics
Journalism and Media Occupational Therapy Sober Socials
Men’s Basketball Music UniBoob
Volleyball Psychology Women’s Football
Women’s Basketball Women's Futsal WorcSnow


Friday 4th September
Slot 10 (9am-11:30am) Slot 11 (12pm-2.30pm)
Law Boxing
Nursing LOCO Show Co
Men’s Futsal Men’s Hockey
Mixed Hockey Midwifery
Physician Associates Physiotherapy
Spotlight Policing
Yoga Women's Hockey
Slot 12 (3pm-5:30pm)
Virtual event for all clubs and societies - more details to follow!


If you have any questions about your Committee Training please email:

Dan Cox (Sports Clubs) -

Sophie Smith (Sports Clubs) -

Jack Moore (Societies) -