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CommitteeFest 2022

We are pleased to launch the details for this year's Committee Training for Clubs and Societies. If you are looking for Network Committee Training it can be found here.

Committee Training this year will take a blended approach. There are online modules to complete over the summer and you will attend an in-person training event. The final plans are still being confirmed but the in-person training will take place from Wednesday 31st August to Friday 2nd September. You won't be required to attend all 3 days but please save the dates for now. The training plan will be confirmed as soon as possible by the SU Activities Team.

Online Training

The first part of your Committee Training is to undertake a series of online modules. The table below shows what modules we are offering. There are mandatory and optional modules for your role; mandatory modules are shown by a blue tick in the column for your role.  We also encourage you to complete any other modules that you think will be relevant to your role.

Following each module, there will be a confirmation form for you to complete to confirm you have completed the module. 10 TeamWorc Points will be awarded to each club and society who have all 3 of their core committee members (Chair, Vice Chair Finance and Admin and Vice Chair Inclusivity and Promotions) complete their mandatory online modules before Friday 19th August. Please ensure you complete this form otherwise we have no other record of whether you have completed it or not and will be unable to award points.

To access the module please click on the module title in the left column. 

(If viewing this page on a phone/tablet turn your phone landscape to see it better!)

Module Title


Vice Chair Finance and Admin

Vice Chair Inclusivity and Promotions

Social Secretary

Other Committee Roles

Introduction to Chair





Introduction to Vice Chair Finance and Admin





Introduction to Vice Chair Inclusivity and Promotions





Introduction to Social Secretaries





Introduction to Being an Additional Committee Member





Events and Trips

Data Protection - GDPR

Guide to the Website

How to Hold a Committee Meeting




Guide to Microsoft Teams

(optional for all)






In-Person Training

In addition to your online modules, there will be in-person training on St John’s Campus at the end of August/beginning of September. Please build this into your summer plans now as it is important as many people as possible attend this. A confirmed date and training schedule will be released as soon as it is ready.


If you have any questions about your Committee Training please email:

Sophie Smith - OR Meg Lee