Sports & Societies

Join a Club or Society and become a part of #TeamWorc

The #TeamWorc UNITED award recognises clubs and societies who develop their inclusive practice to ensure more students are included. 

Why should you be involved?

  Celebrate good work

  Advertise your club or society 

Share inspiring stories of your members 

  Make #Teamworc more inclusive and welcoming 

  More people involved in your club or society 



How can you get involved? 

 If you have done something to make your club or society more inclusive you can be considered for this award.

 All submissions will be judged against a criteria by a panel including Vice President of Student Activities, Student Engagement Coordinator, Sport Development Coordinator and Student Sport Administrator.

 Submissions will be reviewed twice a year so there will be two submission cycle opportunities. 

 Those who are successful in their applications will receive #TeamWorc UNITED status, time with our marketing team to create a video about what you have done that you can use for recruitment, as well as recognition at Colours Ball/Union Awards.


 Click here to read the full criteria.