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Every year in the UK, around 25% of the population will experience mental health problems (statistics from Mind). For the majority of students starting University, it is their first time living away from home and, subsequently, having to cope with a lot of changes and new stressors. 

Sports Clubs and Societies play an important role in students mental health. Not only do they provide them with the opportunities to get involved in doing the things they love with like-minded people, but also allow them to be part of a group where they feel comfortable speaking about their mental health. 



Former Inclusivity Rep for Women's Cricket, Philippa speaks about raising awareness around mental health and wellbeing amongst the men and women's cricket teams. 


Remember, your role is not to counsel members on mental health problems or other issues, but to signpost to the most appropriate services. Here's what you can do as an Inclusivity Rep to ensure that any members struggling can get the help they need:

Develop clear resources which include the following links:

- Counselling & Wellbeing Service -

- SU Help & Advice Service -

"What else can I do to be more inclusive around mental health?"

 Committee Members should attend the Look After Your Mate workshop (

 Sports Club Committee Members should attend the Mental Health in Sport workshop.

 Put on events or activities that promote positive mental wellbeing within your members e.g. hold informal and relaxed sessions with safe and open discussion or practice mindfulness or host an external speaker.

 Promote amongst both your members and the wider University community, the positive mental health benefits of engaging in sport, socialising and being creative.

 Use awareness days and weeks, such as University Mental Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week to create positive culture change within your club or society.