Sports & Societies

Join a Club or Society and become a part of #TeamWorc


Everyone should have an equal opportunity to access physical activity and social activities. #TeamWorc wants to remove the stigma from all disabilities, challenge perceptions and encourage the student population to take a positive attitude towards understanding the nature of disability. 



Phil, former Chair for the Marvel & DC Society, explains how the society catered to the specific needs of their members. 


 TeamWorc UNITED:

This year Women's Football achieved TeamWorc United status and Uni Boob Team successfully renewed their accreditation. Check out what Women's Football did to make their clubs more inclusive for Worcester students.

"What else can I do to be more inclusive towards disabled members?"

 Reverse integration sports day 
Wheelchair Basketball is a prime example of 'reverse integration', where able-bodied and disabled players become one team.

 Para-sports day 
Try out a range of sports specifically designed for people with physical, visual or hearing impairments. 

 Disability awareness events
There are many national awareness days throughout the year which highlight a wide range of disabilities. Join in with the conversation, whether in person or across social media.

 Adapting socials for members to be involved
Review your regular socials, and identify any barriers which may be preventing disabled members from taking part.