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With the nature of University, the students in our clubs and societies change every year, and every single student has unique background and needs. 

The way that new members are introduced and welcomed into the group and overall culture, as well as the traditions that are picked up early on, will influence how the group is run years down the line, for good or bad. 

As committee members, you have the opportunity to establish your club or society's culture and create a positive atmosphere for all members to enjoy. Embedding just a few positive traditions and changes can set a good example for the next generation of members, and the generation after that. 


Loco Show Co. are the musical theatre society here at the University of Worcester. Over the last year they have fostered a positive and inclusive culture within their society. Former Chair, Al explains how the society has worked to ensure that all of their diverse members have a way to get involved socially and feel comfortable enough to explore their talents within musical theatre.

"What else can I do to create a positive culture within my club or society?"

 Create a welcome pack
Information about your club or society, including social media best practice and important contact details.

  Attend TeamWorc Council and catch-ups
Connect with the SU and other committee members to gain ideas, inspiration and other important updates.

  Conduct a review of current behaviours and traditions
Is there anything that your club or society could change to become more inclusive? Create an action plan for tackling potential issues.

  Bystander Intervention Training
Committee members can take part in this University-run training programme, as well as any other form of equality, diversity and inclusion training and sexual respect training.

  Review social events 
Consider the cost of taking part in social activities over a term, and create an action plan to identify if this could be improved. Consider the impact of social themes and alcohol consumption across your club or society.