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Before you start looking 

There are lots of factors to consider before you start looking for a property to rent next year. The first and most important message is don't sign too early. Each year letting agents and some landlords begin encouraging students to sign tenancy agreements. You might be told that you'll miss out if you don't sign for a house early, however there is a plentiful supply of student accommodation in Worcester. Make sure you take time and consider the following before you commit to looking for a property:

 How many people do you want to live with? Are they reliable? Do you know them well? Will you be able to study well and maintain good health and wellbeing?
 Choose your friends carefully – things such as rent payments and bills affect the whole household. 
 Where do you want to live? Will you need to travel to and from lectures? Does the area feel safe and secure? 
 What’s your budget? Can everyone afford the deposit? Who will be your guarantor? Think about other costs – food, broadband, tv license, bills, contents insurance….
 Will you need a garden or parking? 


When you’re looking 

Finding the perfect student accommodation doesn’t have to be a chore. But it’s important to remember that there is more to consider than just the size of your bedroom and how close you’ll be to the nearest pub! 

What to look for: 
 Is the house secure, windows/doors? Is there a burglar alarm? Fire escape route? Carbon Monoxide detectors? Smoke alarms? 
 Virtual viewings can be misleading, if you have one make sure you request a copy of the recording. 
 In a good and safe location? Will noise be an issue? Are you close to pubs and bars?
 Locks on bedroom doors? 
 Any signs of damp, infestations, exposed wires, leaks? Are there extractor fans? Is the outside in good condition? How many ovens/grills are there? Is there enough kitchen storage and work spaces? 

What to ask: 
 Speak to current tenants – 'Have you had any problems? What is the landlord like?'
 When do you need to sign/pay the deposit? 
 Will the deposit be placed in a protection scheme? 
 Will we be charged for any administration fees?  
 Are there any planned works or renovations to the property? 
 Make sure anything you agree is in writing. 
 Don’t be afraid to walk away if something seems odd. 

 Viewing a house during Coronavirus and lockdown? Click here to download our latest house viewing checklist.

 Click here to view a property checklist which has been produced by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, Worcester City Council Housing Department and University of Worcester to help you assess the standard of fire safety in your chosen accommodation.


When you’ve found somewhere 

Make sure you understand your contract/tenancy agreement before you sign. This short video goes through six things you should know beforehand:  

Don't forget, the SU's academic and welfare advisors, Tom and Kate, can check your contract for you. Click here to book an appointment.

 Click here to download a moving in checklist