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If you have made all the important considerations and feel as though you are at a stage to sign a housing/accommodation contract, make sure you know what you're committing to first. If you're unsure of anything, Tom or Kate (SU Academic and Welfare Advisor) can check your housing contract with you at any point during the year.

Why get your contract checked?

 Understand your rights and responsibilities under the terms of the contract, including your options should you experience issues during your tenancy
 Find out if there are any unfair terms
 Check your landlord's calculations 

 Advise you of practical issues like inventories and guarantors

How do I get my contract checked?

  Click here to book an appointment with our advisors, Tom or Kate.


The Students' Union recommends that students wait until Semester 2 to sign accommodation contracts for the following academic year.

Landlords can sometimes try and put pressure on students to sign a housing contract, and put out false messages that if you wait too long, all the houses will go. This definitely isn't the case - there are actually more houses than there are students. Even second year students are subject to pressure by their existing landlords sometimes as early as October! There's no need for you to rush into anything. Make sure you take your time and consider all your options first.