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Fitness to Practise procedures affect students studying on an academic course leading to a professional qualification. This includes teaching, nursing and social work students.

The University expects students to understand that:
'the successful completion of a course leading to admission to a professional body and/or statutory registration requires adherence to both the requirements of that body and of these procedures.'

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What makes a student unfit to practise?

Taken from the University's procedures:

The following circumstances would, prima facie, render a student unfit to practise:

a) exploiting the vulnerability of a patient, client or pupil (including to establish a sexual relationship);
b) offences against the vulnerable, including children, the elderly and the mentally incapacitated;
d) drug or alcohol abuse;
e) acting in an inappropriate manner on or away from University premises;
f) conviction of a relevant criminal offence or has accepted a caution in relation to such an offence;
g) intimidation of fellow students, patients, clients or pupils
h) failure to rectify behaviour that has been subject to any disciplinary actions under the University's regulations;
i) repeated inappropriate behaviour towards others;
j) falsification of patient, pupil or other professional records;
k) severe and relapsing mental illness; l) being a carrier of a serious communicable disease;
m) any other circumstance which may call into question a student's fitness to be admitted to and to practise their profession.

A second referral to a Cheating Committee may also result in a student being referred to a Fitness to Practise Committee

Help & Advice from the SU

Student Advisors are here to help you understand the regulations and procedures.

Our Advisors will ensure that any case is handled in accordance with University procedures and that the outcome is reached fairly. They can also attend any meetings or committees with you and give advice on how to prepare for meetings.

If you require further information please get in touch.