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Providing independent, confidential, and impartial advice to all University of Worcester students

Student Disciplinary Procedures

A complaint of misconduct either by one student against another or by a member of staff against a student will dealt with using the University's Student Disciplinary Procedures.

Support for Students

If you are involved in any incident that is invested under University disciplinary procedures we recommend getting advice and support from the Students' Union as early on in the process as possible.

Our Advisors can help you understand the regulations and procedures to hopefully get the best outcome possible. We also ensure that any case is handled in accordance with University procedures and that the outcome is reached fairly.

We can help you prepare for any meetings you might have to attend and accompany you if needed.

What are the possible outcomes?

Depending on the nature of the allegations there may be no further action. For more serious indcidents students can be temporarily suspended from studies or permanently withdrawn.

Other Disciplinary Procedures - Fitness to Practise 

Fitness to Practise procedures affect students studying on an academic course leading to a professional qualification. This includes teaching, nursing and social work students.