Supporting our students to #GetInvolved and make a difference

How to get involved with RAG 

Do you want to come up with creative ideas? Help to plan and run events? Think you can encourage studnets to dig deep and give to Charities? Then apply to be a part of our RAG Committee and you could help to make a difference and be part of the transformation in student fundraising. 

Throughout the year, the RAG Committee is made up of Student Volunteers who work together to create fasntatic events and come up with creative and fun fundraising activities in order to raise money for great causes. 

We are very proud of our student led fundraising here at Worcester and hope that we can continue our hard work and make RAG even bigger and better – but we need your help! Getting involved with RAG is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself, make new friends, and create opportunities for yourself all whilst raising money for some wonderful local causes. 

Being on the committee

The committee are all students whose aims are to raise thousands of pounds for charity.  Any student can be on the committee and we have great positions that could be filled by you. Have a look at the roles available below and read about the committee and the process. 

There are 6 positions in our RAG Committee: 

Applications to join the RAG Committee are now open. Visit bit.ly/ragcommittee2021 to apply now.

You can stay up to date on all things RAG or help the RAG Committee with any of their upcoming fundraising events and activities by signing up to the free membership. Alternatively, you can stay involved as a volunteer by joining our SU Support Crew.  

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Alternatively you can stay involved as a volunter by joining our SU Support Crew. 


Contact Jack Moore, Student Engagement Coordinator at jack.moore@worc.ac.uk for more information about anything RAG related.