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Starting a New Sports Club

There are six steps to forming a University of Worcester Students’ Union Sports Club:

Step 1:            Putting together your ideas

Step 2:            Membership Interest

Step 3:            Meet with the SU

Step 4:            Submit your application to Executive Committee

Step 5:            Approval

Step 6:            Supporting you through your first few months


Only Clubs who have followed these six steps will be permitted to operate as a Students’ Union Club. This is to ensure that your potential Club has a proper structure, does not contravene Students’ Union policy and has the required level of financial assistance, both from its members and from the Union. The process can be completed at any time of the year. Please note that only current students of the University of Worcester are permitted to establish Clubs or hold committee positions within them.

Some of your  Key contacts when starting a new sports club:

Neve Ricketts, Vice President Student Activities –

Sophie Smith, Sport Development Coordinator -

Daniel Cox, Student Sport Administrator -

Full rules on setting up a Sports Club can be found in Points 10 to 18 of Bye Law 6 (Societies, Sports Clubs and Student-Led Services) which can be found here.

Step 1: Putting together your ideas

Coming up with a name for your potential Club should be easy enough, it’s worth checking with the Union if anyone else has begun to plan a similar group. We want to you to feel confident when starting your Club so feel free to email Neve, Sophie or Dan, or drop in to see them, and they can answer questions you have at this stage. Once you have gathered together your ideas you will need to submit a ‘New Sports Club Application Form’ outlining the aims and purpose of your Club. 


Step 2: Membership Interest

The minimum required number of members for a Club is twelve, within weeks of formation. Make sure that it is realistic that your Club will be able to recruit twelve members, so start to get people interested as soon as possible.


Step 3: Meet with the SU 

Once we have received your New Sports Club Application Form, we will invite you in for a ‘Start-Up Meeting’. The main of this meeting will be to with you to understand what a constitution is and help you to write one. This document will not only help you to focus the direction of your Club but also serves the basis of the proposal for you Club’s existence. (You can view a draft constitution document here)

We will also discuss the following: 

  • Budget
  • Guide to the Committee Hub (Including, finance, events, and committee meetings.)
  • Marketing the Club
  • Affiliation Deadline 


Step 4: Submit to Executive Committee

Once you have had your ‘Start Up Meeting’ and developed your constitution and Budget, your application will be submitted to the next Executive Committee meeting for approval. Executive Committee meets weekly. 

Please note that all clubs that request to set up after 1st March will not begin operations until the next academic year.

Step 5: Approval

Once your Club is approved you are free to start with your planned activities. Please note that Clubs will not be able to run, or take membership fees etc. until approval of all documents has been received from Executive Committee.

New clubs will be approved based on the principles available here.

Please note that all societies that request to set up after 1st March will not begin operations until the next academic year.

Step 6: Supporting you through your first few months

Once your new Club has been approved you will be given a page on the website for your Club, this is where you as committee members will need to pay your membership fee. After we have checked that you have paid for your membership you will be given access to this page. You can edit this page to tell potential members what your club is all about, advertise events, and provide contact details and social media links. 

Review 1: One Month after Set Up

The new committee will meet with the SU to review the progress that has been made so far. During this first month you will be asked to fill out a ‘Sports Club Development Plan’, the purpose of this form is to look at some of the following:

  • Aims for the Club
  • What activities you want to organise and run this year
  • Income/Expenditure for the year


Review 2: 3 Months after Set Up  

After the first 3 month’s you will meet with the SU again, in this meeting the SU and the committee with review your progress from your one month review, and how on track against your Development Plan you are. This will involve looking at your membership totals, have you affiliated yet? And if not how can we help make that happen. It’s an opportunity for us to talk through any concerns you have, answer any questions that you have.


End of Academic Year Review

(A six month review may be had first depending on which comes first.)

The final meeting of the year as a New Club will be reviewing how the year has gone, looking at some of the following

  • Membership Totals (Affiliation)
  • Balances to carry forward
  • Handover

This will be a review of how your first academic year has gone, how viable it is to continue next year, and finally a review of your Development Plan from the beginning of the year. It is an opportunity to talk about next year and what you plan to do to make it just as successful.