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Helpful tips on planning a Give It A Go session


Give it a Go Expectations and Guidance - COVID-19.pdf 

Decide what activity you could do that represents your group. To help you with this, you should develop your Give it A Go session around one of the five categories: Get Active, Learn a Skill, Relax and Socialise, Be Creative, and Share Your Culture. For some, such as sports clubs this may be straight forward, but for others you may need to be creative.

Be unique – if every club and society are putting on the same activity you could find yourself competing with each other and have less people attend your events.

Organise a Give it a Go session like you would any event (look on Committee Resource Hub for guidance on running an event). Make sure that you allocate tasks to your members to ensure that the event runs smoothly on the day.

Think about when you are going to put on the event. If it is a daylong activity, it should fall on the weekend to allow most people to attend.

Be inclusive – think about how you can promote and include students from all different groups

Devise a title, a short description and an itinerary of the event. Send this in to the SU and we can create promotional materials for you to use - When writing your description, make the event sound fun.

Promote your activity and tag us in your posts so we can repost them too.

As always, feel free to get in contact with the SU for support.


We have developed some promotional materials to help you such as logos and template posters. Feel free to download the relevant logo to help distinguish your session when you are advertising it. You can also ask for posters to be produced by providing us with the relevant information: title, a short description and an itinerary of the event (when and where and what time).