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A Little Less Conversation, More Action Please Campaign

This campaign aims to raise awareness of deafness and verbal dyspraxia and fundraise for charity. During our campaign we want to tackle perceptions and misconceptions of people with disability and give people a different perspective on life and to share the experiences of living with Deafness and Verbal Dyspraxia and share effective strategies to communicate with people who experience these disabilities. This campaign is running from the 16th Nov and will run until the end of the year!

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Woman covering her mouth with hand.

Verbal dyspraxia is a speech disorder. A person with verbal dyspraxia has difficulty placing muscles in the correct position to produce speech. The muscles have not been damaged. The messages from the brain that tell the muscles what to do have been affected. Dyspraxia does not affect a person's ability to understand.

Deafness is when a person is not able to hear as well as someone with normal hearing – hearing thresholds of 20 Db or better in both ears – is said to have hearing loss. Hearing loss may be mild, moderate, severe, or profound. It can affect one ear or both ears and leads to difficulty in hearing conversational speech or loud sounds.

We are already planned a variety of different events including Text 2 Speech Quiz Nights the first hopefully happening in December for the Royal National Institute for the Blind. Also, we are looking to colloborate with the Debate, Dance & Poetry Societies. As well, as planning a A Little Less Conversation, More Action Please Movie Night!

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