Watch for "flash events"

We will be holding 'flash' events around campus' over the coming months.

What can you get in upto 3 years?

Each rank you raise (starting with 9th Kyu) you are awarded a belt.
Simply attend training sessions & graded by your sensei and in only 3 years you can get to Brown - though can compete in competitions from Yellow upwards.

Oxfam Open

On the 18th of December two fencers from the University of Worcester Fencing Club headed to the Oxfam open. A charity fencing competition where all profits go to Oxfam. Sophie Tapp, fencing sabre and Maarja Konrad, fencing epee, had a good weekend. Maarja finished 3rd!


From NOW...£11 membership

Only £11 membership for the remainder of this year ...

V12 Lead Climbing Championships

2 club members competed in V12 Lead Compeition.