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Your 2024 Varsity Champions!!!

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VPSA Issy Price holds up the Varsity Trophy

After an incredible three days, The University of Worcester are your official Varsity 2024 champions, bringing home the trophy for a second year running!

On the first day away, Worcester sped into the lead, with Trampolining starting us off strong, securing their point with a gap of over 45 between the TeamWorc and TeamGlos scores.

Women’s and Men’s Hockey both kept their defence tight, only letting one goal in between them, whilst scoring plenty themselves. Futsal and Tennis were a flurry of fast paced activity, but both teams kept the energy up and earnt their points.

Basketball didn’t let the ball drop in the final game of the day, winning their match 94-65 and ensuring Day One ended with an incredible unbeaten score of 6-0 to TeamWorc.

Day two at Oxstalls Sports Park started off with American Football, who lost narrowly, despite doing an amazing job at pushing back against TeamGlos in the last quarter.

In the afternoon, Women’s Rugby wouldn’t let TeamGlos rest easy, and through some spectacular play secured their victory including a conversion in the last minute of the game. The support from the crowd was fantastic, with plenty of other teams coming to cheer TeamWorc on.

Men’s Rugby’s match was adrenaline pumping for both the players and spectators, with a tightly fought draw pushing the game into extra time. The team didn’t let this phase them and they earnt TeamWorc a well-deserved point to put the scores at 8-1 overall.

Only one point away from victory, Worcester Wednesday started with Volleyball and Badminton. All matches were well played across the board and both Women’s teams managed to gain points to ensure the overall Varsity win was in the bag.

In the afternoon, Women’s Football secured an early lead, keeping TeamGlos out of goal scoring range throughout the match. Men’s Football were neck and neck in the first half at 2-2, but with incredible teamwork scored an extra three goals and another point.

Saints Dance showed amazing tenacity in their self-choreographed dances, across many different styles, with some truly outstanding performances. The overall scores from the judges were tight, but TeamGlos managed to gain the win this time.

Sinners Cheerleading put on inspiring performances in between the final competitions at the Arena, as well as at halftime for both Football games with each of the Sinner’s teams, Royal, Topaz, Sapphire and Opal, represented throughout the day.

Varsity ended with our final match of the evening, Netball. They put in a fantastic performance, and lived up to TeamWorc’s winning spirit, to bring the total Varsity score to an unbelievable 13-4.

The arena was buzzing with so much support for TeamWorc, as all of the hours of practice, organisation, and play came together for your VPSA, Issy Price, to lift the trophy in front of an ecstatic crowd.

Congratulations to all our teams who put in a huge amount of work to create such an incredible Varsity. Well done on all the hours of practice and all the collaborative work you put in with TeamGlos to run campaigns to Shape Your Sport. We also want to thank the hardworking staff teams from both UoW and UoG for their invaluable contributions across the week.


The final Varsity scores for 2024 are:


Day One

Trampolining: Win 280.9 – 235

Women’s Hockey: Win 4 – 0

Men’s Hockey: Win 6 – 1

Women’s Futsal: Win 7 – 3

Tennis: Win 4 – 2

Basketball: Win 94 – 65


Day Two

American Football: Loss 6 – 20

Women’s Rugby: Win 53 – 38

Men’s Rugby: Win 25 – 22


Day Three

Men’s Volleyball: Loss 1 – 3

Women’s Volleyball: Win 3 – 0

Men’s Badminton: Loss 0 – 8

Women’s Badminton: Win 4 – 4

Women’s Football: Win 5 – 0

Men’s Football: Win 5 – 2

Dance: Loss 552 - 568

Netball: Win 57 – 18