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You have most likely seen the recent media attention surrounding #Blacklivesmatter, following the murder of George Floyd. We understand that this may be a particularly challenging time for our black students. We wanted to highlight the support available during this time as well as outline our support for #Blacklivesmatter and anti-racism.

Below are some of the support services available:
- University Student Services continue to provide online counselling and you can access this through FirstPoint.
- The Black African and Asian Therapy Network. https://www.baatn.org.uk/free-services/
- The Students’ Union Help and Advice service.

As your Students’ Union, we’re passionate about being representative of all of our members, promoting equal opportunities and supporting you all to thrive during your time at the University of Worcester. We feel we can do much more for our black members in speaking out against racism.

Nationally, students from BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds experience an attainment gap of 13% (UUK, 2019) – this means that White students have a 13% higher chance of getting a 1st or 2:1 degree compared to their BAME counterparts. It is also important to acknowledge the presence of white privilege – an inherent advantage possessed by a white person on the basis of their race.

This is only part of the conversation around antiracism and despite it being complex we commit to not shying away from talking about race.

What we’re doing
We want to continue building our #TeamWorc community to ensure that Black students feel safe, supported and able to thrive both socially and academically.

We are committed to implementing our new governance structure to amplify the voices of minority groups and supporting the campaigns and activities of these groups to ensure we are a progressive and inclusive community where all feel welcome. Alongside this we will also create appropriate spaces to open up conversations about race, further adding to the great work of the African and Caribbean society (ACS).

We have also recently passed our revised Students’ Union Code of Conduct which, alongside University disciplinary procedures, holds individuals who commit any acts of racism accountable. We pledge to ensure to students know how to call out racism and use the appropriate reporting mechanisms within the Students’ Union and the University.

We wish to further encourage our community to commit to inclusive behaviours through the #TeamWorc positive culture in our societies and sports clubs.

We will reflect on own practises and that of the University to ensure that progress continues to be made in creating an equitable and inclusive student experience.

Worcester Students’ Union stands as an ally to all our black members and will endeavour to make them feel safe, appropriately supported and able to thrive whilst at the University of Worcester.





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