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We are really pleased to be able to launch our first set of online training modules for Network Committee Members. Each module should take about 30 minutes to complete with the exception of Data Protection which will take about an hour.

If you are looking for Clubs and Societies Committee Training it could be found here.

The completion of training is mandatory. Following each module, there will be a confirmation form for you to complete to confirm you have completed the module. 10 NetWorc Points (more info on this will be available in September) will be awarded to each network that have all 3 of their core committee members (Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary) complete their mandatory online modules. Please ensure you complete this form otherwise we have no other record of whether you have completed it or not and will be unable to award points.

Below is a table that tells you what modules you should complete depending on what your position is within your network committee. 

In order to access the modules just click on the link in the title!

Module Title Chair Vice Chair Secretary

Other Committee


Introduction to being a Network Chair      
Introduction to being a Network Vice Chair      
Introduction to being a Network Secretary      
Introduction to other Network Committee Members      
Data protection (GDPR)
Guide to using the SU website
Marketing your student group
Event and Trip Planning
How to hold a committee meeting  


Access to this years in-person training can be found here. 

If you have any questions about training please email Anna-Symone (a.bateman@worc.ac.uk)