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Here are all the ideas rejected by Student Council. If you would like to discuss why an idea was rejected please contact Jack, our Student Voice Assistant, at j.appleby@worc.ac.uk.

To date, Executive Committee have not rejected any ideas submitted in the academic year 2021-22

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    Transport home during late nights

    • Campus and Facilities
    • Student Life and Support
    There is clearly a concern with lectures finishing late due to how dangerous this city can become at night. We need to utilise the minibus service on a daily basis and have students transported home after late nights on campus. The mini bus could run every hour and students can pay a reasonable fee to be transported to their homes. This would work after lectures finish late and this would also provide a better alternate concerning getting home after social activities at the Hangar. It can be dangerous at night, especially if one's only option is walking. Furthermore, the bus service does not transport someone to their home and buses only run until 6:30 pm. By having a minibus service, students will be safer and their wellbeing would improve because they no longer have to stress about how to make their way home. Therefore, the SU can utilise the minibus service that they used for Fresher's week and have this service running on a daily basis.

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