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You can find all the ideas that have been passed by Executive Committee or Student Council below. Once an idea is passed the Students' Union will then do its best to make that idea a reality and we will keep students updated on our progress. Ideas will normally be removed at the end of each academic year unless the Executive Committee decides to carry them over. The ideas below are those that are currently being worked on. 

Idea Title

Date Passed

Officer Responsible



Date Completed/Expected Date of Completion

Rainbow Crossing



Policy asks the Students’ Union to lobby the University to install a Rainbow Crossing on the campus to celebrate LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Following discussions with the LGBTQ+ Network, it has been decided to hold off on the development of a rainbow crossing on campus to focus on other areas of the student experience that the LGBTQ+ student community at Worcester have told us is of greater importance to them. We will revisit the idea with the idea submitter and the LGBTQ+ Network at the end of term.

On hold due to request from LGBTQ+ Network.

Sunflower Lanyard Scheme


VP Education

The Sunflower lanyard is vital for individuals with disabilities in particular invisible disabilities, which is a discreet sign to alert others that they are exempt from wearing a mask and alerts others such as fellow peers, staff, professionals and members of the public that they may need additional support. As we approach the academic year, there will be many students with invisible disabilities feeling anxious about the expectation set to wear a mask or simply, would like to discreetly alert others that they may need additional support. Currently, the university of Worcester is not on the list of universities that support and acknowledge the sunflower lanyard scheme. I feel that acknowledging the scheme were further support the universities aim to be socially mobile as well ultimately, ensuring everyone has equitable access to facilities in the university.

The Students’ Union looked to purchase lanyards to make them available to students, however, we were unable to do so due to stock issues. The Union will revisited the idea when return to campus was announced. Lanyards not available. Student contacted who submitted idea and agreed the need was no longer required due to changing guidance.


Recycling programme for hard to recycle waste



The introduction of a teracycle scheme or similar would allow students to recycle items that they generally cannot in their household waste collection. These programmes range from coffee pods, crisp packets to beauty product containers. Having a small area dedicated to collection boxes for a range of items will allow students to reduce the waste they send to landfill, many of these schemes also offer a points rewards system for your recycling, allowing the university to benefit from our helping the environment. Having such an area on campus will also make it more natural for students and staff to start recycling these products, provoking a change in mindset which will further improve the 'green' image of UoW.

Meg has met with the students concerned and is now exploring options with the University Sustainability Department.

June 2021

Dance Mats in the SU


VP Student Activities

Dance Mat (like from The Kissing Booth) in the Students' Union. It would be both fun and engaging - something different. It is also a sport which would promote healthy mental wellbeing.

This has been delayed due to the third lockdown and The Hangar being shut.

September 2021

Bring Back Breakfast Wraps



The facts are that breakfast wraps are awesome. The combination of all the breakfast items is not only a delicious taste but also has a real impact on the student experience. During challenging times we should be able to enjoy the joy which is breakfast wraps.

This idea has been completed. Officers met with Chartwells the new catering providers and the item is back on the menu as of October 2020.


More Diverse Food range



The university is lacking in the range of food offered! This year, the catering at the university has changed, yet the options for vegans and vegetarians, in particular, have gotten worse. The only thing advertised as vegan, that actually tastes good and doesn't seem like a total rip-off is the hot dog from the campus shop, for £2.10. I just checked the canteen and the SU Food stand and the only thing labelled suitable for vegans was a sausage roll and a salad wrap. Not just any salad wrap, a sad and soggy 3 POUNDS salad wrap. Also, there seems to be no food labelled halal or kosher, suggesting that not even cultural diversity has been considered during the change in the catering company. As students, wanting to study in the UoW's inclusive community, this is something that needs to change.

The President has reached out to Chartwells and they will be coming to the next Welfare and Inclusion Council to discuss with members. A similar policy has passed through Student Council to look at provision of Halal and Kosher food and this idea will be delivered jointly with this policy.

September 2021

No detriment policy.


VP Education

Called on the SU to lobby the University to implement a no-detriment policy to support students through the continuing upheaval resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In particular the Union should ask for:

  • An extension for dissertation submission Extending the mitigating circumstances deadline to 2 weeks.
  • Allow students to self-certify for a 7-day extension through Mitigating Circumstances, with particular attention to those with parental/caring responsibilities and those with mental health conditions.
  • The university to commit to looking at grade profiles to ensure students haven't experienced detriment and act accordingly.


The Union has successfully negotiated a Student Safety Net with the University that will be in place for the remainder of the academic year. More information can he found here. The Union will continue to monitor its implementation and hold the University to account, where necessary.


Create a Student Medic Volunteer Programme


VP Student Activities

Asks the Union to create a student medics program where student volunteers (health student or students with training) attend their fellow student when they request first aid assistance. This would provide opportunities for students to gain experience and also enable them to support their peers. The student who submitted the idea highlighted the example of a similar scheme at Nottingham Trent University.

Policy passed at last Executive Committee. Correspondence ongoing with students who want to set project up. Delay to to WMAS not recruiting First Responders at the current time.

September 2021.

Create a bookswap shelf on campus 22/06/21 President To create a bookshelf on campus where students can leave textbooks to be given to other students Bookshelf in process of being sourced. Bookshelf will be housed in the SU and launched in September 2021 September 2021