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You can find all the ideas that have been passed by Executive Committee or Student Council below. Once an idea is passed the Students' Union will then do its best to make that idea a reality and we will keep students updated on our progress. Ideas will normally be removed at the end of each academic year unless the Executive Committee decides to carry them over. The ideas below are those that are currently being worked on. 


Date Passed

Officer Responsible



Date Completed/Expected Date of Completion

Recycling programme for hard to recycle waste



The introduction of a teracycle scheme or similar would allow students to recycle items that they generally cannot in their household waste collection. These programmes range from coffee pods, crisp packets to beauty product containers. Having a small area dedicated to collection boxes for a range of items will allow students to reduce the waste they send to landfill, many of these schemes also offer a points rewards system for your recycling, allowing the university to benefit from our helping the environment. Having such an area on campus will also make it more natural for students and staff to start recycling these products, provoking a change in mindset which will further improve the 'green' image of UoW.

The President has met with the students concerned and is now exploring options with the University Sustainability Department.

January 2022

Create a Student Medic Volunteer Programme


VP Student Activities

Asks the Union to create a student medics program where student volunteers (health student or students with training) attend their fellow student when they request first aid assistance. This would provide opportunities for students to gain experience and also enable them to support their peers. The student who submitted the idea highlighted the example of a similar scheme at Nottingham Trent University.

Policy passed at last Executive Committee. Correspondence ongoing with students who want to set project up. Delay to to West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) not recruiting First Responders at the current time.

January 2022.

Create a bookswap shelf on campus



To create a bookshelf on campus where students can leave textbooks to be given to other students

The bookshelf has been successfully intergrated into the Students' Union building. Come down and take a look.


December 2021

Women’s Workout Hour


VP Student Activities

Introducing 'Women's Workout Hour' at the university would provide an opportunity for all self-identifying women to have designated timeslots to access the university's gym facilities. Obviously, they wouldn't have to just use those times, but the women- only slots would help tackle many issues including 'Gymtimidation', especially for those who have no or limited experience in gym settings. Similarly, it would encourage and facilitate women students in improving their physical and, therefore, mental health by supplying a comfortable and safe environment; all of which is extremely important, particularly for students. This is also key considering the lack of women's gyms in Worcester and continuing inclusive practices within the university.

VP Student Activities has reached out to the University to start initial discussions.


Campus Community Garden


President & VP Student Activities

A community garden located either at St. John’s or City campus, that all students of Worcester University can actively cultivate and maintain, in partnership with the Sustainability Network. Community gardens have several benefits, some of which include the promotion of better physical and mental wellbeing for people and increasing biodiversity for plants, animals, and insects while offering the opportunity to learn new skills that can be empowering. Making nature and green spaces more accessible is especially important right now, as we've all been through many lockdowns and need this time to heal from being cooped up inside, but everyone doesn't have access to their own gardens. The University can help by providing students space within the campuses, to grow flowers, herbs or seasonal plants of their choosing with access to a small storage shed with a supply of basic gardening tools that either the students or the University could provide. A team of volunteers could be appointed to make sure the garden is well maintained and not left unorganized, littered, or abandoned.

Both President & VP Student Activities are looking into how this can be implemented.


Recycling Bins on City Campus (Outside)



St Johns campus has both recycling and rubbish bins outside, but city campus only has the rubbish bins. The bins end up full of cans that could have been recycled.

SU President has reached out to the University to discuss the matter.


Make the ‘free periods’ poster in bathrooms more inclusive



The tagline on the poster for free sanitary products in the university bathrooms is 'help a girl out...' I suggest that this tagline should be changed or removed from the posters as it is not inclusive for those who have periods and do not identify as female. The rest of the poster is a good signpost for the sanitary products offered by the university, but I think the updating or removal of the 'help a girl out' tagline would be beneficial. Though this may seem like a small change, I believe it will have a big impact and help the students who do not conform to the gender binary to feel included.

This action has been completed and all posters replaced


November 2021

Calma-tea – Arts and Mindfulness on Campus 17/12/21 President/VP Student Activities We are trying to bring on campus a project that bridges art and mindfulness. We all know how stressful university can be so we came up with a project that will bring arts and crafts workshops on campus with free tea and coffee where students can join us and unwind, have a chat and use their creativity. Right now we just ask for your support and positivity. We have been working really hard to make this happen and now we leave it up to you guys.
Would you like to see a project like this on campus?
The officers felt that this idea was already being actioned/achieved through Crafternoon’s and Arts Collective activities and therefore has been actioned.


December 2021