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A Creative Piece by Kevin Brooke: "Felix, the Course Rep"

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Words by Kevin Brooke, Institute Rep for Humanities 


“Become a Course Rep,” they said. “You’ll be great.” 

    I believed them too and yet here I was, in a meeting, surrounded by a load of serious looking people. I’ve never been so terrified.

     Dr Phillips sat at one end of the table. He’s not a Doctor of Medicine, but someone who knows a lot about politics.

    “Have you had a chance to peruse the agenda, Felix?”

     I nodded, nervously.

    “Been roped in have we?” said a woman I didn’t recognise. “Good show.”

     I smiled, anxiously, as the meeting moved from one subject to the next.

    “Item number five,” said Dr Phillips, the one who isn’t a proper doctor. “Student matters.”

     He looked in my direction.

    “As the only Course Rep who’s bothered to turn up, this is your moment.” Dr Phillips said. “Are the students happy, Felix?”

    I’ve never felt smaller. “I think so.”

    “Great,” he replied. “Okay then, matters arising.”

    As the focus moved elsewhere, I remembered something the other students had told me. “Apart from the seminars,” I whispered.

     Dr Phillips turned towards me once again. “Did you say something, Felix?”

    “You asked if students were happy,” I said, louder this time. “They are, mostly, but think the seminars could be improved. Instead of answering a few questions from a sheet of paper, some of us would prefer to be split into groups and have a proper debate.”

     “A debate?”

     “We are politics students, aren’t we?”

     For a moment, I thought I’d said something wrong, but then the woman I didn’t recognise nodded.

    “I think young Felix has a point,” she said.  

      Dr Phillips rubbed his chin. “Maybe,” he said, scribbling a few notes onto his pad. “Well done Felix. Good thinking.”

      “Thanks,” I replied.

      Maybe these meetings weren’t going to be so bad after all.         



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