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Why you should wait until Jan to sign on the dotted line | #DontRentYet

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Each year, students rush into signing contracts for student accommodation too early, only to start encountering problems later on down the line. Choosing somewhere to live is a massive decision and it is important that you make the right choices, at the right time. From around October onwards, landlords will ramp up the pressure and run promotional campaigns to get you to sign into a contract early, threatening that if you don't sign now, there will be nowhere left to live.

That’s simply not the case. In fact, there are a surplus of houses available for students in Worcester.

Don't Rent Yet is our annual campaign to encourage students not to sign housing contracts for their following year until at least January. This gives you time to get to know your potential housemates, research and view properties and seek advice if necessary. Each year the Students' Union and University run a joint Housing Fair. This gives students the opportunity to meet accredited landlords and find out about the properties they have on offer, whilst also arranging house viewings. The Housing Fair 2018 is currently planned for the end of January. Don't worry we'll keep you up to date with all the latest news.


Here are some of our frequently asked questions and some of the concerns brought up in our Instagram Q&A.

Won’t all the best houses be gone by January?

Not at all, there is actually a surplus of houses in Worcester and we had a slightly lower intake of first years this year meaning looking ahead there should be plenty of accommodation next year.


What is the Housing Fair?

It’s our annual fair where Worcester City Council accredited landlords attend and meet students. It gives you chance to ask questions of landlords and decide which properties you’d like to view.


Why shouldn’t I look now?

Our experience is that students that look too early often regret their decisions. At the moment first years have only known their friends a few weeks and by September friendships can change. If you sign now you will be committed to that house for the entire contract period.


My landlord is pressuring me to re-sign what should I do?

Well if you are happy in your home you can choose to stay on. However, why is your landlord pressuring you – are they worried they don’t have the best house?


What is a joint or individual tenancy?

We recommend individual tenancies where you are individually responsible for your rent. A joint tenancy (where you share one contract) means you are responsible if someone else doesn’t pay.


What is studentpad?

It’s a website the University uses to list all the UW and Council accredited properties.


When will the studentpad password be released?

On the day of the housing fair, 21st January.


It is true there are not enough houses in St Johns?

No! There are more houses than students – so please let’s send a message to the bad houses and landlords and steer clear of their properties.



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