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The Volunteering Hours are In

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Volunteering Hours

The Union and University are very proud of the tradition at Worcester of students volunteering to help those less fortunate than themselves or to represent their fellow students and peers.  Volunteering, in this increasingly competitive world, is a key activity for students to undertake to enhance their employability and learn new skills.  Students have told us in the past that volunteering has inspired them to get more involved in their local communities and that it has also helped to relieve them of the stresses of University life. 


The 2017-18 V-Record deadline has passed and from 200 students, a total combined total of 18905.50 volunteering hours have been logged! 69% of the hours logged by our students were from volunteering work they had completed out in the community of Worcester and the surrounding area.


Congratulations to all those that logged hours and achieved volunteering awards. And thank you for all the hard work you do. 


Now the V-Record for the 2018-19 is open and you can start logging your hours already! 


What is the V-Record? 

If you didn't already know the V-Record is a volunteering recognition system - it allows us to reward you for the fantastic work that you do for the SU, University and the local community. You can log any hours that you have been volunteering for from the 1st July 2018, so if you are doing any volunteering over the summer, make sure you get start getting recognised. 

Get started here:


Why complete one?

Not only do we give you a certificate at the end of the year, but any student who achieves a 50 hour award or higher will have it recorded on their HEAR (formerly degree transcript) - stand out from the crowd!


How do I start?

You can start logging hours on your online V-Record right now! It is easy to record all the volunteering hours you undertake each academic year. There's an optional section that allows you to reflect on what skills you're learning along the way.

All you need to do is fill in the online record and your hours are stored safely on our system - make sure you leave your volunteering supervisor contact details so that we can verify your hours for the HEAR.

If you are not sure whether your volunteering hours should be logged onto the V-Record, have a look at the "Are you Volunteering" page.


If you have any queries about the Online V-Record, including how to complete it or who to name as your contact for verification, please get in touch with us - 




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