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Varsity 2023 champions.

The University of Worcester are officially the Varsity 2023 champions and what a ride it’s been.

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The University of Worcester are officially the Varsity 2023 champions and what a ride it’s been.

We firstly would like to thank all of our fantastic teams for their continued hard work and dedication to their sports, which was evident through their performance throughout Varsity. Additionally, we want to extend our thanks to the incredible staff team, from both UOW and UOG, for their invaluable contributions across the past two weeks.

Equestrian began Varsity, and although Gloucester took the win, our team performed exceptionally and set the tone for the rest of Varsity with their unwavering determination. Sixways Stadium was the ideal spot to bag our first win of Varsity 2023 in Women’s Rugby with a final score of 21 -14.

Our first away day at Cheltenham saw us secure another two wins, courtesy of our fantastic Women’s and Men’s Volleyball teams. Gloucester came out victorious in both Swimming and Athletics, despite efforts from our teams and this set UOG up with a one-point overall lead.

However, TeamWorc remained unfazed and brought the action to Gloucester F.C with a 8 – 0 win at Women’s Football. With this year’s Proud2Play campaign in mind, our Men’s Football team did not participate in Varsity and as such, the point was forfeited to Gloucester.

Following an impressive game between TeamGlos and TeamWorc at American Football, the overall score at the end of the first week was 4 – 6 to University of Gloucester.  

Monday was an incredible day for our TeamWorc teams and the Varsity buzz was evident in the stands as we took home a further 5 wins. It was at this point that TeamWorc became confident in the belief that this year was the year…our year to bring the trophy back.

In the blink of an eye, Arena Day had arrived and both Universities were going in to win. The overall score ahead of the first event was 9 – 9, meaning there was everything to play for. A Narrow one point loss from our amazing Dance Team saw Gloucester take the first point, but, TeamWorc kept their cool and steadily racked up points from sensational wins in Basketball, Cheer (Pom) and Netball.

Our Netball team took to the court on a 11 - 10 overall score to us, but this was not the time to take it easy. TeamWorc delivered a flawless performance and finished Varsity with a 63 – 39 Netball victory and this could only mean one thing, we had won!

In this moment, all of the countless hours of practice, organisation and play time came together and a celebratory atmosphere filled the arena as our incredible VPSA Meg Lee, lifted the trophy.

Once again, we’d like to thank all those who made Varsity 2023 one to remember.

Please see below for the full list of scores:

Equestrian: Loss. Gloucester achieved 1st and 2nd place with scores of 73.0 and 101.5. Worcester achieved 3rd and 4th place with scores of 118.5 and 135.0.

Women’s Rugby: Win of 21- 14.

Men’s Rugby: Loss of 13 – 18.

Men’s Volleyball: Win of 3 – 1.

Swimming:  Loss of 254 – 206.

Women’s Volleyball: Win of 3 – 0.

Athletics: Loss of 185- 202.  

Women’s Football: Win of 8 – 0.

American Football: Loss of 12 – 6.

Tennis: Win of 5-1.

Trampolining: Loss of 153.6 – 156.2.

Women’s Badminton: Loss of 3 – 5.

Men’s Badminton: Win of 3 – 5.

Cheer (stunt): Loss of 72-76.

Men’s Hockey: Win of 3 -1.

Futsal: Win of 15 – 9.

Women’s Hockey: Win of 2 – 0.

Dance: Loss of 605- 606.

Men’s Basketball: Win of 66 – 43.

Cheer (Pom): Win of 252- 245.

Netball: Win of 63- 39.

Cricket: Pending. Match date TBD.


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