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“Not another one!” - Why you should vote in the upcoming local elections

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We know it’s not been long since we were asking you to vote in the SU Leadership Elections (and a big thank you to everyone that did!). But there is an equally important election coming up on Thursday 6th May 2021. This is your chance to elect the following:

  • City Councillors
  • County Councillors
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia (or your local area)

This might not seem as important as voting in the general election (or even the SU elections!) but it’s really important that you feel that you can exercise your democratic right to vote in the elections for your local area.

The University have put together an FAQ page with key information about the roles up for election, what local authorities are responsible for, and information on registering to vote and voting. Importantly, you can register, and vote, at both your term time and home address.

Why vote?

Local Councillors make decisions on lots of elements of the student experience at a local level. Local councils make decisions on:

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Social care
  • Fire and public safety
  • Libraries
  • Waste management

As a student at Worcester, you will inevitably interact with the decisions made by local Councillors. Whether you’re a student on placement in a local school or a commuter getting the train in from Birmingham – all of these things have an impact on your experience and those around you.

It’s incredibly important that you have your say about who makes the decisions that have an impact on your life.

You can find out more about the candidates, the location of polling stations and general details about the elections through the following link - https://www.worcester.gov.uk/councillors-democracy/elections.

How do I register?

You can register to vote through your MyDay page or you can click the following link (https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote) . The deadline for registering is Monday 19th April. (You’ll need your National Insurance number!)


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