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Lockdown Activities for the Family!

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Hello from the Mature Students, Parents and Carers Network!

We are a collective of friends and likeminded people, who support each other and work to enhance your voice at the Students Union! We know that it is a difficult time, so we have put together some fun and engaging activities for yourself and your family.


Let’s Get Physical

The thought of letting the kids crash around your living room at unspeakable hours of the morning may not be the ideal start to your day. However, evidence suggests that not only does regular exercise increase fitness and musculoskeletal development, it also increases self-confidence, boosts mood and can increase concentration levels. 

P.E. Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach offers a well-balanced P.E. class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 9am. The classes don’t require any specialist equipment and are specially designed for children, this means that you can have a precious 20-minutes to yourself or, if you wanted to get involved, a light-hearted workout that will leave you feeling great!

Yoga for children and teens

Yoga is an ancient practice that has many forms and styles. Yoga claims to benefit body, mind and spirit and is a great way to help with focus and relaxation.

Yoga designed for children:

Cosmic Kids Yoga creates children’s yoga fun by practicing around a story-time adventure! It also comes with resource packs to help children get excited about their yoga journey. As someone who was a nursery nurse in the past, the children engaged well with yoga designed for them!

Yoga for teens and adults:

Yoga for teens can help with concentration and self-esteem. It encourages teens to look inwardly and understand how they feel about themselves and the world around them. Yoga With Adriene offers a 30-day introduction to yoga, building strength, flexibility and confidence as the days go on.


Outdoor adventures

We all know that getting out of the house is good for us in many different ways, and now more than ever we want to have a break from home.


Geocaching is a mapping treasure hunt’ app that allows you to venture out into nature and find unexplored places in your area. You may even find some geocache treasure!

Pokemon Go 

Recommending a computer games as a form of exercise doesn’t happen often, however, Pokémon Go encourages people of all ages to go exploring around your area to ‘catch ‘em all’. This game is fun for all ages and makes for a really fun family competition.


Hobbycraft  have created a fun blog that contains lots of ideas to have a crafty time outdoors – I love the rock painting!


Learning Resources

BBC Education

The BBC is providing a spectrum of education for children of all ages on TV, iPlayer and the BBC Bitesize website. For information on the content, its availability and frequently asked questions (including TV License restrictions) click here.

BBC Bitesize offers a range of lockdown education for a range of ages. Check out the website to see what they are providing both on TV and online.

BBC Teach (@BBC_Teach on twitter) provides a schedule to support your child’s learning.



Apps and social media can be a great way of learning during lockdown!

Duolingo is the Language learning app that makes lessons fun! This quick and painless learning process allows the user to earn points for correct answers; put the l’ amusement into your learning!

TikTok is the latest craze in the social media game, so maybe it is time to embrace it, and its potential. This article by EduBurdie offers you 30 educational accounts to get you started!

To help keep your children internet-safe, TikTok’s Head of Trust and safety has written an article on how to restrict direct messages, restrict content and manage screen time! You can find the article here.


Although this article was written to help your children learning at home, the biggest piece of advice is be kind to yourself.

We have successfully built the Network around support and compassion for each other’s situations. Although it has been a time of ups and downs, the community within the Mature Students, Parents and Carers Network is strong, and we look out for each other.

If you would like to be a part of this community of friends, pop along to the Student Union Network page or the MPC Network’s Facebook group.



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