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Introducing Your 2024/25 Officer Team!

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Elliot, Ruttuja and Jack sitting on a bench

Our new Officer team has officially started at the Students’ Union!

Back in February, you voted for your 2024/25 Officers, and now they have completed a weeklong induction and are officially starting their year in office!

Need a refresher on who you elected? Your new Officers are:

Ruttuja Mane (President) is the Students’ Union’s (SU) lead representative, championing the rights, welfare, and diversity of all our students.

Elliot Atkinson (Vice President Education) takes the lead at the SU on educational quality issues and represents your academic interests.

Jack Lambert (Vice President Student Activities) is responsible for the extra-curricular aspects of the SU, covering sports, societies, volunteering, and fundraising.

Your new Officer team is ready to represent and support you during your time at Worcester, and they’re already wowing us with their ideas to help us continue to grow and improve as an SU.

Follow @WorcSU on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for the latest updates from the SU and our Officer team. We already have lots planned for 2024/25, so get ready to be amazed!