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Cost of Living Crisis - Open Letter to Robin Walker MP

Our open letter to Worcester MP, Robin Walker, to request a meeting to discuss the ongoing cost of living crisis and what support the Government will be offering students.

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Dear Robin

We hope you are well. As elected Officers from Worcester Students' Union, we are getting in touch to urge you to support us in addressing the cost of living crisis. The cost of living crisis is affecting people, families and communities up and down the country. This crisis is acutely affecting students, who often live away from home and rely on their Student Loan and/or part-time jobs to get them by.

Here in Worcester, we have a significant student population and rely on students to fuel the economy of our city. However, right now, students are feeling disenfranchised and unable to participate in community life.

Existing support packages (such as the £650 Cost of Living Payment) exclude students, despite this crisis also seeing student accommodation prices increasing by 61% in the last decade, and 68% of students no longer able to afford course materials.

One-third of students have considered dropping out of their studies due to finances, whilst 1 in 3 students are left with £50 or less each month after paying their rent and bills. 92% of students say this is affecting their mental health, and with little support on the horizon, this will only worsen.

Worryingly, students are putting themselves into debt due to this crisis, with 33% using credit cards, 29% taking loans from family, 24% using buy now, pay later credit schemes and 12% taking out bank loans. The effects are crippling, and students need the governments support now more than ever.

NUS UK and Student Unions across the country are calling for a raise in student finance packages, and a tailored student cost of living package to support students through the crisis.

We are requesting a meeting to discuss how the government will support students through this precarious time, and how we can work together to lobby the government to ensure the livelihoods of students as they work to obtain their qualifications.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together to face this issue head-on.

Kind regards,

Al Linforth, SU President
Gemma Allcott, Vice President Education
Meg Lee, Vice President Student Activities

You can download a copy of the letter here.


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