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Changes to the SU's Structure: What's next?

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Over the last three years the SU has been reviewing how we work to ensure that we have the right structures in place to represent all of our students. Over 1500 of you took part in various consultations which resulted in a proposal for a new structure.

We are pleased to announce, following various stages of approval, that we can now begin to implement our new constitution and representative structures.


What’s changing? 

We want to increase student engagement, make sure this engagement is meaningful, and remove bureaucracy and barriers to this engagement. Some things will stay the same, like the election of our three Full Time Officers, but we will also make some key changes:

  Online Ideas Forum

We want you to help us make positive changes at the SU and University. Our online Ideas Forum will be launched in September, giving you the opportunity to suggest what you want to change (a bit like Change Week but all year round). Students can vote on ideas, and if your idea has at least 25 positive votes, the Union officers are able to consider it further. Don't stop at 25 votes though - the more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try to action it.

  Student Networks 

We will also introduce eight student Networks to replace Part Time Officer roles. These Networks will represent the interests of specific student groups or particular issues important to you. Networks will help you build communities and create change through collective action. In September the following Networks will be launched:

  • the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students’ Network;
  • he Commuter Students’ Network;
  • the Disabled Students’ Network;
  • the Women’s Network;
  • the International Students’ Network;
  • the LGBTQ+ Students’ Network;
  • the Mature Students’ Network;
  • the Postgraduate Students’ Network;
  • the Sustainability Network.

Membership will be free and we can’t wait to see what they achieve. We will be recruiting for Chairs of each Network in August so if you would like to get involved please contact Meg our SU President at megan.price@worc.ac.uk.


  New sub-committes

We will also expand the meetings students have to represent their interests. Alongside Student Council, our highest representative decision-making body, we will launch three new sub-committees:

  • Welfare and Inclusion Council (Chaired by the President).  This will be attended by the Chairs of Networks, to provide them with an effective representative role within the Union. And it will ensure the President maintains a good dialogue with all of our student groups at the University.
  • Education Council (Chaired by the Vice President Education).  This will be attended by School Reps and has already been piloted for two successive academic years. The Education Council will discuss student issues relating to their academic experience.
  • #Team Worc Committee (Chaired by the Vice President Student Activities).  This will be attended by the Chairs and other committee members of our clubs and societies. The Committee will allow students to engage more formally with the University on various issues, for example, on the University’s strategy for sport.

We have also rewritten all our rules and regulations. It might not be very exciting, but we think it’s really important to have clear guidelines that are accessible to students, and we hope you find them useful when you need them. You can find our new Constitution and our new Bye Laws in the About Us Section on our website. 


How can I get involved?

We can’t wait to start implementing all of these changes over the next few weeks in time for September. Watch out for more news from the SU around how you can get involved. So make sure you are following us across social media and regularly checking our website for more information. 

 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/worcsu/ 
 Twitter - https://twitter.com/worcsu
 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/worcsu/
 Website - www.worcsu.com


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