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    Common room for students in the Jenny Lind Building

    • Campus and Facilities
    Course reps for the Law school have discussed the possibility of having a social area within the Jenny Lind building for students to enjoy. This would allow for all students, not just those studying Law from the Jenny Lind building to come together, relax, socialise, and generally just chill out! There are enough study rooms to work in, but nowhere proper for students to wait between lectures or seminars, we think that having this social area might help keep students within Jenny Lind, and to also help make students from City Campus feel more included!

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Kelly Chadwick
3:16pm on 22 Apr 22 Totally agree with this suggestion. I would like to add that it would be beneficial to have access to a microwave and hot water urn for breaks/lunch - similar to what they have at the canteen in St.Johns and in the hangar.
Katie Lannie
10:41am on 24 Apr 22 As a Law Course Rep, I have listened to many views on this matter. I have been told by a number of University staff there has been a lack of community in Jenny Lind/City campus for some years. This is a fundamental issue which needs to be solved for future students. Not only would a common room create community within Jenny Lind, but it would also tie together the City campuses (Charles Hastings, The Art House and The Hive). This would also be beneficial to students based at the St Johns campus who commute to the University; Jenny Lind is close to Crowngate bus station and Foregate Street train station. A common room would help utilise Jenny Lind and would be an incentive for students to stay in the building between lectures and seminars. This would reduce feeling isolated from main campus I know fellow students and lecturers feel.
Emma Delaney
6:26pm on 27 Apr 22 An area for socialising would be good and encourage a Team Law atmosphere. Being in Jenny Lind you miss the university feel. Ideas: 1) lockers downstairs (same as 24 hour study area) to put your belongings if you need to nip to town but want to study / to be able to leave heavy law books in 2) secure charging station for mobile phones 3) microwave 4) kettle 5) a specific quite area to study i between lectures - the computer area downstairs can become noisy in the day Thanks for considering our ideas :-)
Ideas Board
9am on 17 May 22 This idea has since been passed by the SU Exec Committee. Our current & incoming officers will be working on the idea over the coming months. The SU will communicate any updates via this idea as a platform.