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Once an idea is passed the Students' Union will then do its best to make that idea a reality and we will keep students updated on our progress, you can find the progress details in the comments section of each idea. Ideas will normally be removed at the end of each academic year unless the Executive Committee decides to carry them over. You can find all passed ideas from pre 2021/22 here.

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    Open Facilities on Saturdays

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    I am a course rep for MAED. Having conducted a student survey and feedback in December 2021, one of the most overwhelming issues they face is having no access to catering facilities on St Johns Campus when attending lectures on Saturdays. This has been reciprocated by new MAED students this term. As MAED students, many of us have to attend lectures on Saturdays. We pay our fees like all other students, therefore we feel we are entitled to access the same services and facilities as weekday 'office hours' students. Some Saturday students have to travel many miles for the day. Knowing they can get lunch and refreshments on campus would mean one less thing to worry about and consider for the day. It would generate more income for the university. Facilities would only need to be open for a few hours on every other Saturday, in line with when students are on site. Quite simply, it would further increase student satisfaction.

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3:47pm on 21 Jun 22 UPDATE 21/06/2022: The SU are working with Chartwells and University colleagues around opening times and catering provision on Saturdays (we are aware they are also in contact with academics who run courses on a Saturday). We will look to update you further as this progresses.