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If you can get at least 25 other students to vote for your idea, the Full Time Officers are then able to consider it. Don't stop at 25 though - the more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try to action it!

Once an Idea has reached at least 25 up-votes, it will be sent to Executive Committee to discuss, if the Full Time Officers think it is a good idea then they will action it or if they think it is a little more complex they will then send it to Student Council to discuss, vote on and potentially action your idea (you can attend Student Council to speak about your idea if you like). So don't hold back, let us know what you want us to do! 

The Ideas Forum is such a direct and effective way to get your voice heard and you can use it as many times as you like during your studies - we know that your needs and wants change year on year, so use the Ideas Forum to reflect the current issues you are facing and let us know what it is you care about.

Before you post please consider the following

  • Make sure your idea clearly states what you want to change and why – things like how it would be funded, who it would apply to. Think about three things:
    • Facts: What is the issue you’re trying to address? What do we already know about this issue?
    • Impacts: How does this issue affect students, and in what way? Is it negative?
    • Reacts: What would you like the Students’ Union to do to address the issue? How do we need to take it forward?
  • Give as much detail as possible. If you don’t, we may have to delete your idea or it could be rejected by students for being too vague.
  • Check to see if the idea has already been passed under the ‘ view passed ideas’ tab – we might already be working on your idea!
  • Check to see if your idea has already been posted by someone else – if so, don’t post the idea again, but vote and comment on the existing idea. We will automatically reject an idea that has been submitted more than twice in an academic year.
  • Check to see if your idea has been rejected and why under the ‘view rejected ideas’ tab – it might mean slight changes to your post, or it might give you an insight in to how students felt about this topic.
  • If you are studying on a professional course, before submitting an idea, please ensure that you are considering your professional guidance/ agreement with the University.

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    Inclusive toilets at Hereford and Ludlow College

    • Academic Experience
    • Campus and Facilities
    • Student Life and Support
    At this time there are currently no toilets at Hereford & Ludlow College that are gender-neutral. There are accessible (disabled) toilets that gender-neutral students use; however, being gender-neutral is not a disability. I’d like to provisionally propose that the current accessible toilets be fitted with a Gender Inclusive sign which would lessen the discomfort of gender-neutral students when having to use the accessible toilets, until such time as there can be toilet/s assigned fully as gender-neutral. The introduction of gender-neutral toilets would be a small, yet meaningful sign of increased recognition for all non-binary, trans and intersex people who may pass through the college, whether they are members of the university or not. If more easily-accessible gender-neutral toilets were provided, it would send a welcoming message to prospective applicants from all backgrounds. I would like Worcester Students’ Union to talk with Hereford & Ludlow College inclusion team about this matter, as so much has been achieved for the LGBTQ+ rights on campus; however, the dignity of gender-neutral students on the Hereford campus is currently being over looked

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    I am a student at the University of Worcester, studying out of Herefordshire and Ludlow College.
Rowan Charlton
4:31pm on 4 Nov 21 This would be a great idea. Even including sanitary products in ALL bathrooms would benefit.