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We want to help all of our students make informed decisions about sex, and give them access to sexual health services and materials. Regardless of your sexuality, gender, or views on sex, we want all of our students to know all about healthy relationships and sexual practices.

Safe Sex Express

Condoms are 98% effective as a means of contraception, and help you and any sexual partners stay protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Here at the SU, we have a condom delivery service, the Safe Sex Express, that is completely free and confidential. Over the last few years, we've sent out free condoms to hundreds of our students, as well as promote safe sexual practices.

To use the Safe Sex Express, just text your address to 07396 699275 and we'll send condoms straight to you free of charge.


We support and promote SH:24, a free online sexual health service delivered in partnership with the NHS. SH:24 offers a free, discreet, and completely confidential service, providing STI test kits, information, and advice 24 hours a day.

Click HERE to access the SH:24 service.

Pee in the Pot

Working in partnership with our local Primary Care Trust, we have brought free, friendly, and confidential Chlamydia testing to the SU. Through the Pee in the Pot scheme, students are able to get easily tested in an environment that they feel comfortable in, with expert advice on hand, and to quickly receive their confidential results. We're looking forward to running similar initiatives during the upcoming year.

If you have any ideas on how we can support students' sexual health, please get in touch with us here. We'd love to hear from you.