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Welcome to the UoW Karate and Jitsu Society


We are a combination of 2 groups, teaching both Jitsu and Karate, training 3 times a week we aim to provide our members with a diverse and rewarding training experience for all levels of ability from beginners to those who have been training for years. Both Karate and Jitsu are Japanese Martial Arts with a with heavy focus on maintaining the traditional elements which make them so distinct from other hobbies. Jitsu focuses on things like locks, holds and throws, while Karate is more rooted in the use of strikes to defeat your opponent. This variety of techniques will make anyone who trains with us a more well rounded martial artist than someone who sticks to just one style.

As a member you will have the chance to compete at a number of events throughout the year, and develop yourself as a person along the way. Martial Arts are not just about learning how to fight, but also developing your discipline, confidence and self-esteem.

Training times

(All sessions are in Gym 1 on St Johns Campus)

Wednesday: Jitsu Training- 6-8pm

Friday: Jitsu Training 8-10pm

Saturday: Karate Training 2-4pm


Of course University isn't just about working and training, so we will be having a series of events and socials throughout the year which will add to your experience with the society, from pub crawels to quiz night there's something for everyone with the Karate and Jitsu Society. We are run by students, for students and believe in giving as many people as possible from all backgrounds the chance to participate in what we believe to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies you can do.

For further information contact:

Chair: Matt Dibble -

Secretary: Michael Dean -

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