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Disney and Pixar

'Kaiaulu' means society, society means nobody gets left behind! Join our Kaiaulu on Thursdays at 6:30pm for quizzes, games, nights out, or anything your little heart desires!


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Welcome to the Disney and Pixar Society!

Ursula wasn't joking when she said 'Life's full of tough choices innit?' Though you have made the decision to come to university, which was either 'Fate ... Destiny ... A horse?' Which ever one it was, you will soon be very busy trying to juggle university life and at times might want a break from your studies (and maybe your housemates).

As if by magic the Disney and Pixar society are here every Thursday at 6:30pm. We get together either online or inperson to watch a film, play some games, do a quiz or whatever your heart desires. So 'Dig a little deeper' into your pockets and join the Disney and Pixar society today!

You get a free trial with your first session and if we are the society for you then it is:

£12.00 for the whole year 


£8.00 per semester

 Sign up to our Facebook and Instagram page for any updates on viewings and events. If you have any more questions then you can contact our Chair Lou Turner at TURL1_18@UNI.WORC.AC.UK or our Inclusivity Rep Meg at SMIM1_19@UNI.WORC.AC.UK

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