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Finnish Society


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Welcome to the official SU page of the Finnish Society! Our aim is to provide support and new contacts for the old and the new members of the society, and we want to connect finnish students and those who are interested in finnish culture and/or language in the University of Worcester. It doesn't matter if you're finnish or not, everyone's welcomed to join!


What you might be expecting when you join the society?

Joining the society is a quick way to connect with other students, finnish and non-finnish, and we make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. If you're a finnish student in UoW, we promise you your homesickness will be eased! If you're a non-finnish student, we'll promise to teach you all about finnish culture and language!


What will we do as a society? 

Our great committee has all kinds of plans for the upcoming year of 20/21, such as socials* and sober socials*, possible trips and activities! We also want to bring the finnish university culture a bit closer to Worcester so Sitsit and Approt are on the list of socials we definitely want to do! 

(*following the University guidance due to Covid-19)


If you have any questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact any of our committee members! 



Getting to know your committee:


Hi guys, my name is Lotta! I'm in year 2 of Biomedical Science studies and I come from the town of Kuopio in Finland. As the chair, I will be the main spokeperson of the society and my job is to keep things running as smoothly as possible!

My personal finnish nightmare: ''When you want to leave your apartment but your neighbour is in the hallway''
Favourite finnish song: Ukkometso



Hi everyone! I'm Petra and I'm a 20 yo second year biochemistry student. As a secretary, I will be helping our chair and working as her right hand. I'm making sure that the chair won't drown to her job but can work as smoothly as possible!

My personal Finnish nightmare: "When you have to promote yourself"
My favorite Finnish song: Aikuinen nainen.



My name is Jasmin and I’m 20 years old 2nd year Business Psychology student. I’m the treasurer of the finnish society.

My personal finnish nightmare: Small talk situations when interpreting the situation differently leads to responding seriously. 
As a introverted finn my favorite finnish song obviously is; Haluun olla yksin 


Inclusivity Rep:

Heyo!  I'm Sofia, 21, and I'm a second year animal biology student at Worcester.  As the inclusivity rep I strive to make everyone in the society feel comfortable and noticed, and aim to be an approachable figure if any problems arise - whether it'll be society related or general uni trouble!

My personal Finnish nightmare: "Sitting on the window seat in public transport and having to ask the person next to you to get up so you can get off at your stop." 
My favorite Finnish song: Indica - Ikuinen Virta


Social Secretary:

Hello! I’m Emilia, a second-year Psychology student. I’m originally from Turku, Finland, and studying here has been a wonderful experience. My role in the Finnish society is to plan our socials and make them as fun as possible - and most importantly, get you familiar with the Finnish culture if you aren’t already. 

My personal Finnish nightmare: “When you slip and someone sees it and it gets even worse when they come and ask if you’re hurt”.
My favourite Finnish song: Hittiputki (Leidit).

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