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Physician Associate Society

Welcome to the Physician Associate Student Society.. We are the first society set up for the profession and students in Worcester. Worcester is home to the one of the original cohorts for the program.


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What is the society all about?

The society is a great new way to empower the society for Physician Associate Students within Worcester. The university has been running the program now for five years. We are the first year to launch the society and we hope to have speakers, society socials and increase the profession awareness in the area and throughout Worcestershire. We will have both educational and socialite events and we hope you can join the society. 

We have two pages for external use for socials and that is instagram and Facebook. 

We currently have our first social which is on the 02/11/18 for Halloween. This is held at the House of Ru and the house mates.. 

Christmas is a dinner party being held in the city centre and will be under events soon. 

Summer events in August 2019

We also aim to have revision notes and study sessions on our society page as well as the Instagram page, weekly. 

Speakers- we hope to have speakers soon and this will be advertised well in advance for members to join and attend. 

We aim to join our national student colleagues at the Faculty of Physcian Associates in London and Liverpool for student conferences in 2019 and 2020. These are great for keeping in touch with other programs across both university and medical school settings nationwide. The program is growing in both settings across the UK as much as the profession is growing. 

Please taje the time and opportunity to sign up and become a student member of the Faculty of Physician Associates FPA which is under the Royal College of Physicians


Meeting times 

We aim and plan to meet once a month on a Wednesday when we have independent study. As long as this does not interrupt any scheduled lectures or online seminars. We plan to meet and discuss any issues, updates and planning. If you guys have any comments and issues you would like to ask or update then let us know 


New cohorts

The society will hold elections in the Christmas period for the new students to hold elections for the titles we created in 2018 for the society. Each cohort will then decide who is chosen. The new committee memebers will have one year in the post in their final year. 






No elections are currently running

Check back soon for more events

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Committee Membership


Inclusivity Rep


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